Should I Consider Coding Lessons For My Child?

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The digital skills needed today are in short supply with 70% of UK tech employers experiencing shortages this year. This goes to show how wide the skills gap is and the need to train the next generation. Technology is also advancing at an exponential rate as emerging tech is expected to grow by 104%. This could mean a shift across many industries and the only way to prepare is through the education of digital skills like coding. We have teamed up with a private school in Leatherhead to explore whether you should consider coding lessons for your child.

Thinking Skills

Even if your child has no desire to be a programmer, learning how to code can help them. They can enhance their thinking skills as they become sharper and more creative in the way that they deal with problems. In coding your child will come across a number of them which can become frustrating. They’ll need to look at them from different perspectives and think about how they can apply what they have learned.

Future Proofing

As briefly touched on earlier, the world is constantly evolving. We’re finding newer and better ways of doing things everyday which, while it is a good thing, puts many jobs at risk. We’ve already seen this happen with telephone operators and cashiers. Sooner or later more jobs will be added to that list. Learning how to code puts children at an advantage for the future as they are able to understand how the technology being used works and manage it.


Coding involves mathematical ability as logic is built around numbers. This can help children to get better grades in maths as well as computer science.


Coding is fun as it’s practical. It involves trial and error which can be exciting for those that like to experiment.

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