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sk:n – helping us to look after our skin

It never ceases to amaze me how little time and effort we dedicate to our skin.Every day is a new challenge, and you always wake up not knowing what awaits you. The webpage can help you be a little more prepared for these cases. A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to skin care, as long as its consistent. Sure, most people do wash their faces thoroughly, and many will have a cleanse, tone and moisturise programme. But generally, that tends to be that. We spend a fortune on looking after our teeth, and do this with dentists that are experts in this field. Similarly, we also have very expensive treatments for our hair. If we have any problems with our eyes, we can see an optician, and purchase glasses and contact lenses that allow us to look fantastic and still solve our problem. But our skin – how often can we say we have given it real expert treatment?


Check out sk:n

sk:n are experts in providing you with the sort of treatments that can improve your skin by making it appear more beautiful, as well as making it healthier.  With clinics all over the UK, and with a team of experts that include dermatologists, plastic surgeons and specialists in laser treatments, sk:n clinics provide a thorough, in depth consultation service which carefully assesses your needs, and offers education and advice as well as treatment. Celebrity fans include designer and rock chick Pearl Lowe and many of the UKs Top Beauty Bloggers. No wonder ski:n was awarded Best Clinic Chain at the Aesthetic Awards in 2013. (You can read more about sk:n’s treatments and products here on their articles page)


Chemical Skin Peels

One of the most acclaimed services that the sk:n skin specialist team offers are chemical skin peels. A glycolic peel is the sort of treatment that you always see on programmes like ’10 Years Younger’ as they  rejuvenate your appearance by removing the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Your face looks and feels fresher and younger as a result.

Glycolic skin peels are great for skin that has suffered from Acne in the past and has been left with scarring as a result of that teenage legacy. Similarly, this is a peel that is great for those who have worshiped the sun a little too much, leading to damage to the skin (let’s face it, nothing aids premature aging as much as the sun does.) The treatment is very soothing and also extremely quick. A glycolic peel is massaged into the skin in a similar way to a face mask. It is left on for just a minute and then is removed by cleansing. A course of six treatments is recommended, but even one can be a real boost to your skin appearance.

You can currently try a deep exfoliating skin peel treatment for just £25, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, this might be a perfect excuse to give yourself (and your skin) a bit of a sk:n treat. Check out the sk:n blog to read more about this, and other treatments including hair removal, skin assessments and Cosmetiv interventions.

You only have one skin – why not give it a real boost?


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