Sk:n helps you find your future face

Have you ever wondered what you would be like if you were transported 50 years into the future? Do you think about what life will be like for a person with your lifestyle, attitudes, hobbies and interests living in the year 2064? If you have answered yes to the questions above, or if the questions have intrigued you enough to make you start to wonder about the non-to-distant future, then a fantastic new App from beauty specialists Sk:n is something that you just have to try out.


The App, called ‘Find your future face’, allows you to flash forward 50 years to discover the possible technologies, issues and events that could affect how we look, and also how we could counteract these issues, both now, and in the future. The questions relate to lifestyle (are you a city slicker or do you prefer a rural setting?), fitness (a health fanatic or a bit of a couch potato?), holidays ( jet-setting or do you stay on the continent?) and social life (Is your idea of a great night spent on the sofa with a movie, or dancing the night away?). There are also questions which look at your current beauty choices and regimes, namely whether you stick to favourite products, or like to try the latest thing. Once you have answered these key questions – you can find out about your ‘future face.’

future face

My results.

I loved some of the predictions that I was given based on my answers. One of my faves was in response to me being technosavvy. The future face predictor said “…As a true techy in 10 years time you could have tiny, nano-scale, Internet-connection implants inserted under the skin so you can flit between “real world” and the virtual world as seen via bodynets. Bodynets, the techno-geek chic of the future, are advanced sensors that track movement and can double up as jewellery…” Wow! In 2024? It all sounds pretty weird and wonderful doesn’t it!

The App is great fun, and real food for thought as well. To try it for yourself, visit

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