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Lockdown has seen many people using their time to sort their homes and gardens. This sorting and reorganisation can be something as simple as a declutter of the house – getting rid of old clothes or old toys with one eye towards Christmas, sorting those cupboards, cleaning out the spare room or the shed, literally clearing out those things that you no longer want, need or have any use for.

But people have also been working on those bigger jobs, redecorating rooms, changing internal doors, changing the three piece suite that has seen better days. These sort of jobs create waste and rubbish that can be more difficult to dispose of, particularly as more time at home is creating more every day waste. That is where a company like Junkbusters comes in.

Rubbish removal services in Birmingham

Junkbusters offer same day rubbish removal services in Birmingham. They can deal with rubbish removal from both commercial or household customers. They dispose of  rubbish your via a waste transfer station meaning that you don’t have to worry about your waste being unsightly, making your neighbours unhappy.

The fact that it is same day is so useful. A few years ago I changed my sofa and organised council removal, but this was for over a week later than my new sofa arriving, and in the meantime we had both rain and snow, all with the sofa remaining on my front garden. Junkbusters ensure that your rubbish does not outstay its welcome but removing it as soon as possible. Their service is also so easy to use, you can literally take a photograph of your rubbish, send the picture on WhatsApp, and get an instant quote. It couldn’t be easier.

They can remove garden waste, large and bulky pieces of furniture, or smaller bags that have been filled with many items. Your trash is literally their treasure and it will be moved before you’ve had the chance to miss it. A really great service.

Don’t forget to recycle

Once you have cleared your actual rubbish, you may find you have other items that may be no longer useful to you, but could work for someone else. Large but good quality pieces of furniture can be donated to charity shops that have a furniture wing, such as the British Heart Foundation or St Giles hospice. Fabrics can also be donated to charity shops, or, if you are feeling crafty, could be repurposed or upcycled, whilst clothing can be sold on sites like eBay or local Facebook selling pages.

Many charities also have regular appeals for good quality toys and cuddly animals as these are items that can not only be sold in stores, but can be donated to schools and hospitals.

Sorting out your clutter and changing the look of your home can not only give you a purpose, and something to do, but it can also give you a sense of achievement that helps your mental health too.

Are you planning to declutter before Christmas?


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  • Laura Davies

    I’ll put these down on my list for after Christmas or possibly my spring clean, really need to sort out my garage.

    Thank you .

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