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Spreading the cost of being a wedding guest

Summer 2015 has been one of my favourite years for attending weddings. I have watched lots of my family and friends tie the knot over the summer months – it’s been so much fun!

But what hasn’t been fun is the rather large hole it has left in my savings account… I have always put money aside for special events and occasions but this year has hit my finances hard. After all, like many ladies, the thought of being seen in the same outfit twice fills me with dread!

And, this year in particular, my eyes were opened to the fact that it’s no longer the case that weddings are costly for just the bride and groom, they are also super costly for guests too! So much so, that many of us are finding ourselves in a position where we have had to polity decline invitations. After all, from finding the perfect outfit, to overnight travel costs, wedding gifts and everything else that comes hand in hand with being a wedding guest, attending your loved one’s big day is a pricey affair, with costs sometimes running into over £2000 per couple each year!

Pippa Middleton always seems to be at a wedding!

However, there’s lots of ways that you can bring down the costs when it comes to purchasing the perfect wedding guest outfit!

Spread the cost

Occasion wear is not cheap, and sometimes it can cost up to £200 or more to kit yourself out for a wedding. If your monthly income doesn’t cover this type of splurge all at once, there’s always the option of looking at taking out credit to spread the cost over a few months (always look for a 0% interest credit card).

And, as long as you’re responsible, this can relieve a lot of financial pressure and domestic strife. Of course, to save disappointment, it’s always worthwhile checking out your Experian credit report online to make sure that you are actually eligible to apply before relying on credit to finance your needs.

Plan in advance

When it comes to weddings and special occasions, many of us know months, if not years in advance when they are going to take place, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise when they come around.

If you know that you have a lot of wedding plans in the pipeline, why not set up an outfit fund as soon as you get your invitation. Putting as little as £10 a month a way (£2.50 per week) means that, when the big day comes around, buying that dress you’ve had your eye on won’t be that much of a shock to your finances. You can always stock up on occasion wear in the sales too, even if you are prepared months in advance!

And remember ladies – invest wisely

When it comes to picking out your wedding guest attire, try to stick to buying staple pieces that you can re-style year on year by changing up your accessories. You might end up paying a little bit more for a timeless pieces but in the long run, it will work out being a worthwhile investment.

Kate wears the same dress, just with different styling
Kate wears the same dress, just with different styling

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