Successful Ways To Cut Down Your Car Budget

What are the biggest expenses in your life? For most people I would say that their list would be their kids, their home and their car. Each is an ongoing expense that seems to need constant investment (especially children as I’m currently trying to fund Christmas, a birthday and a school residential at the same time.). The good news is that, at least when it comes to your car, you can successfully cut down your budget in order to make life just that little bit easier,

KAP Motors, who are based in the beautiful seaside town of Brighton,  have recently planned an informative campaign regarding ‘6 Ways to Cut Down on Your Car Budget’ and I thought I would add a few of my own thoughts that may just help you to save money.

Buy Second Hand

If you are planning to get a new car in the New Year, you may just want to consider buying a car second hand. The one thing that is true about buying a brand new car is that it starts to lose value the minute you drive it off the showroom forecourt.

Instead of setting yourself up to pay a huge expense with finance you might be better to check out used car showrooms for good deals with low mileage and one careful past owner. Set yourself a realistic budget that you can afford, and find out what you can get in part exchange for your old car.

Don’t Forget Your Service

It is pretty unbelievable the amount of people who skip the service and then end up paying far more in repairs for bigger problems that would’ve been picked up if they had allowed their car a pamper. Neglected vehicle care almost always means much higher costs down the line in the form of more extensive repairs or lost resale value, and this is silly when issues could’ve been stopped in their tracks. Regular services at a reputable motor group like  KAP Motors Brighton can ensure your car runs smoothly for a long time.

Fuel Savings

One of the biggest recurring expenses when it comes to your car is fuel. You car can’t move without it, but there are ways you can make it go a little bit further. Stick to speed limits, make sure your tyres are pumped up, and avoid using the air conditioner unless you actually really need it (and then maybe just open the window), all these things can stop the drain on your diesel.