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Summer dress inspiration from Angelina Jolie, Madame X and Mango

When it comes to Summer dressing, black is the new white.  Black is not always first choice for summer dresses, pretty much every colour will come in front of it in our mental lists, but I think this is a mistake. Black is always chic, looks great against a suntan, covers all manner of evils when you’re having those not-so-perfect days bodywise, and is basically a classic choice, even (or maybe especially) in summer.

This summer, with summer balls and prom season almost upon us, I think we should take inspiration for our dresses from two major sources. First up is Madame X, as painted by John Singer Sargent. This is definitely one of my favourite paintings, painted in the 1880s, but about as far away from Victorian dressing as black is from white. Sensuous and luxurious in equal measures, this dress could’ve been designed by Versace and worn by Cindy Crawford circa 1990 – it is timeless and beautiful.

The second icon of style to inspire this summer is the incomparable Angelina Jolie. I have said it before, and I will say it again, no-one wears black like Angelina. At the Premiere of World War Z last weekend, she showed that bright skies and sunshine shouldn’t mean that you need to pack away your slinkiest black gown, looking totally incredible in Saint Laurent.

You can get your own little black dress inspiration from Mango, which currently has a stunning collection of black dresses that incorporates both maxi lengths and sexy mini’s.

LACE GOWN £89.99 click to visit Mango
STRAPLESS GOWN £99.99 click to visit Mango
STRAPLESS DRAPED GOWN £79.99 click to visit Mango
METAL DETAILS DRESS £34.99 click to visit Mango



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