Supporting Your Teen as they Learn a New Language

Even if you can’t speak a foreign language, you can still help to boost your child’s language learning skills. Here are a few tips from St Christopher School on how parents can support teens with their language learning at home.


This tip may sound like an obvious one, but encouraging your child to practice their language skills and helping them to find the time to practice is key to their success. When practicing, ask your child to teach you. Explaining is learning. Let your child practice what they have learnt on you. You’ll be surprised by how much you will pick up along the way!

Watching TV

Watching TV may not sound like a learning activity, but by finding TV programmes in the language they are learning can be very beneficial. Sit down and watch with your child so that you can point out or repeat certain words. By watching with your child it will also make the experience more fun and meaningful. 

Websites and Apps

Help your kids learn from the comfort of your own home, using websites and apps.
Having language apps available on your child’s tablet or smart phone is a great way to encourage their learning, whilst having fun. The internet also offers a wealth of language resources and can provide games as well as live and interactive learning lessons. Ask the teacher for recommended resources your child to use at home. 


Language-learning labels are a great way of learning the translations for items commonly found around your home. By placing small labels on everyday objects, you will be repeatedly exposing your child to these new words. This is a scientifically proven method to help memorise information and increase vocabulary size in foreign languages.

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