White Stuff Autumn Collection – 1990s revisited

I’ve just spent some time perusing the new collection of one of my favourite High Street Stores. White Stuff, and there’s definitely some nostalgia for the 1990s in the range.

Mischevious knit top £47.50 click to buy

This collection is full of chunky layers, winter florals and muted shades  that evoke the early 1990s grunge collection of Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. Long maxi skirts teamed with the cosiest chunky knit sweaters, leggings and boots teamed with long-line knits and thick knotted scarves and pretty dark floral dresses are all included in the fabulous range. There are echoes of  early 1990s heroes, from Kurt Cobain in his slightly oversized sweaters that draped off the shoulder,to Claire Danes in ‘My so-called Life’ wearing long floral skirts and chunky knits. But this is White Stuff, so the looks are softened with beautiful, luxurious scarves and jewelled coloured wedge shoes.

Birch tree dress £55 click to buy

Empire State Maxi skirt £47.50 click to buy

Kudos to White Stuff, who have clearly tied the collection in with a current mood in fashion that has seen Altuzarro using early Kate Moss and grunge as one of his Autumn/Winter 2011 inspirations.  This is a really cool collection that adds style and warmth to those upcoming chilly days.

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All items available from White Stuff stores nationwide and online at www.whitestuff.com

Altuzarra revivies the Grunge Glamour of 90s Mossy.

Day photographed Kate Moss for her first Vogue...

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It seems fitting in that in the year which sees the 20th anniversary of the grunge scene that so revitalised 1990s music, Altuzarra would produce a collection for Autumn/Winter 2011 that celebrates the grungy glamour of throwing a parka over your  prettiest party dress. The inspiration for this collection? Kate Moss off course!

Now, think back to the early days of Grunge, which juxtaposed the start of the career of the woman destined to be the most infamous supermodel of them all. Grunge music bought grunge fashion – Courtney Love in her torn nighties and Doc Marten boots and Babes in Toyland in 1960s dresses and parkas. Then along came Kate Moss, the waif-like model in stringy vests and multi-coloured underwear, immortalised in a series of pictures by Corinne Day. The epitome of grunge styling…and then she met Johnny Depp. They were the most beautiful couple in the world, and Kate now wore glittering vintage dresses, bt she continued to throw a parka or leather jacket over the top.

This is the style that Altuzarra has tapped into this season. He says he worked with images of Kate Moss tapped to his mood board. Images of the supermodel dressed in beautiful gowns, and in parkas. The new collection oozes with grunge glamour. Pretty diaphanous gowns dressed down with boots, and parkas, and other anoraks that would look more at home in Antarctica than in Bungalow 8.

I just love this collection, as someone who used to go out in a vintage nightdress and cherry red Doc Martens could. It is nostalgia of the highest order, the sort  that makes you want to dig out that copy of Nevermind and shake your hair like its 1991…