Emma Watson’s fabulous Farewell Potter wardrobe.

It’s hard to remember she was just a little girl when the Harry Potter franchise begun. Because has she has waved a fond, and teary farewell to Hermione Grainger, Emma Watson has been showing why she is considered one of fashion’s chicest icons. From brown and gold drama in Bottega Veneta, to more little black dress chic from Rafael Lopez, Emma is showcasing stunning looks again and again. Here is a rundown on her Harry Potter farewell Potter wardrobe.

Totally adorable, this is Emma in Audrey Hepburn mode wearing an exquisite princess dress from Oscar De La Renta. Sure to make all the best dressed of the year lists.

For the London aftershow party, Emma wore this midi length dress from Elie Saab. Loving the length and the sparkle of the dress, it avoids looking twee due to that haircut.

Absolutely adore this short and sexy style by Rafael Lopez. Emma wore something very similar by the same designer last year, and this is a very classy spin on the little black dress.

This dress has split opinions, but I think this bronze/gold creation by Bottega Veneta is gloriously dramatic. I particularly loved the styling of the slicked back hair and brown glitter eye make-up which makes me think of a 1960s era Twiggy.

A sign of a sure fashionista is when Balmain starts popping up in the wardrobe. This dress has a 1960s feel, I love the fact that just the one arm is exposed, leaving all the limelight to Emma’s fab legs. Very directional and fashion-forward.

I am so impressed by Emma’s superb sense of style at such a young age. She really leaves other starlets way behind in the style stakes. Can’t wait to see what she wears next!

Kate’s back – The return of the Moss!

Since the launch of her last collection for Topshop, it had been fairly quiet on the Kate Moss front. There were lots of stories abounding around what Kate would do next, with stories of making an album and opening a modelling agency amongst them, but from the lady herself, silence! When the Spring/Summer ad campaigns hit the glossy mags in Early January, the Daily Telegraph was amongst those who highlighted a distinct lake of Moss in the most recent ad campaigns, and talked of the demise of Moss as one of the fashion worlds most famous and fabulous muses.

But people should know by now that you write Kate Moss off at your peril. And January has shown that she is back with a vengeance! Kate has been a highly visible part of Paris Couture week, and has also featured in a highly controversial magazine cover, has taken over from Gisele as the face of a top sunglasses company, has featured in another controversial shoot for Italian Vogue with a film currently all over the internet, and has writhed with cartoon snakes for Balmain. In addition to all of this, she has celebrated her birthday, an event that is always deemed newsworthy thanks to the infamous celebrations that have occurred during this event in past years!

The shoot for Italian Vogue’s January issue showed a dark-haired, amazing looking, Kate in a series of very sexy poses. Kate was shown in various states of undress, posed in some industrial settings and also in a kitchen, with stockings and suspenders on show. They were shot by Nick Knight, and were also accompanied by a mini film which seemed to show Kate as a prostitute, displaying her wares for a potential client.

In addition to this sexy shoot, Kate has also been filmed for Balmain, writhing on a sofa whilst an array of cartoon snakes slither all over her.

Kate has also become the new face of Vogue sunglasses, replacing Gisele Bundchen in this campaign. Mario Testino took the photographs for this brightly coloured, 1950s style shoot, and Kate looks fabulous, showing that many of indeed been guilty of writing her off too soon.

Love magazine has this month featured Kate on its front cover. The controversy has followed because Kate is pictured kissing transsexual model Lea T, with the tagline – This is Hardcore.

Kate has been a highly visible presence at Paris Couture week, She has been photographed on the front row at the Etam lingerie show, sitting with Charlotte Casiraghi, whilst watching her boyfriend/husband? Jamie Hince perform with Mark Ronson, attended the show of her friend Stella McCartney wearing emerald-green leather, positively endorsing the view that this is the colour de jour this season, was seen on a series of shopping trips around Paris, wearing her trademark tiny shorts, and has also been partying with friends like Alexa Chung, showing that a 37th birthday has not slowed down the legendary party animal.