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Yesterday saw the release of two official portraits of Prince William and his super stylish bride to be Kate Middleton. Taken by Mario Testino, the two shots show the happy couple in both formal and informal poses, and are truly beautiful shots. Testino is almost becoming the family photographer, taking birthday shots of Prince Harry, and photographs of Charles and Camilla, as well as the famous shots of Diana, Princess of Wales. The photographs are sure to increase the interest in the Princess Catherine-to-be, so what else is new on the Kate front?

The Mario Testino shots.

Well, we have a date for the wedding, and we know that Westminister Abbey is going to be the venue. At present, the designer of the much-anticipated dress has not been revealed, but Bruce Oldfield is emerging as a favourite.  Bruce is a fantastic designer, but personally,  I hope Kate opts for someone else as Bruce is a designer clearly linked in people’s minds to Princess Diana. With the sapphire ring on her finger and Testino portraits, a dress by Bruce Oldfield might be a Diana link too far.

Kate at Westminister Abbey

On the fashion front, interest in Kate’s clothing is not abating. The white coat she wore for her evening visit to Westminister Abbey was warm, smart and stylish, and I think it may be a favourite, as I have found photos of Kate wearing this that date back to 2007.

Kate on a night out in that white coat.

The Issa dress that Kate wore for the engagement announcement was an instant sell out, and the F&F £20 copy sold out within a few hours online. Now Peacocks is set to have an instant hit on its hand when it launches its own version of the Kate dress on December 20th. This pretty dress costs just £14 and I think it’s a better copy version than the Tesco dress.

The Peacocks Kate dress £14 from December 20th...on your Christmas list?

In further dress news, there has been lots of discussion about Kate’s first notorious dress. This is the (rather revolting if we’re honest…) see through strapless dress that Kate wore for a fashion show at St Andrews in 2002. The rumour is that it was this dress that first attracted Prince William’s attention to just how stunning Kate was. Now, The Daily Telegraph has reported that the lacy dress, that was designed by fashion student Charlotte Todd, could be worth £100,000! Not bad for what looks like a bit of old net curtain.

A poll in Heat magazine suggested that Kate will be the most watched person in 2011. Fashion-mommy will be following the run up to the wedding with interest and a keen eye, so keep a look out for the royal wedding style updates.

A wedding dress for Kate Middleton.

So  Prince William has finally done it and popped the question to the lovely Kate Middleton, and Britain, and more specifically, the fashion world, is going to be blessed with a new Princess of style. Kate looked amazing in her tv interview announcing the official engagement. Her blue  Issa dress was a nod to Princess Diana, who famously wore an off the peg blue suit when her engagement to Prince Charles was announced in February 1981. Kate’s blue dress was a perfect match to her sapphire and diamond engagement ring, touchingly the same ring that signified Charles and Diana‘s engagement.

Now that we know we have a royal wedding to look forward to, sometime in Spring or Summer 2011, the next exciting question concerns the royal wedding dress. Who will be the lucky designer tasked with making the most important dress of the millennium so far? Kate is known to be a fan of Issa, having worn Issa dresses on many previous occasions, so maybe Danniella Issa Helayel we be given the task of creating a wedding dress fit for a princess. Her styling seems to suit Kate, and she has worn Issa designs at the wedding of Prince William’s friend Harry Meade recently, as well as wearing a stunning Issa dress today, so the omens for Issa are good. I love the simplicity and elegance of this Issa design, but its backless design may be a little too showy for a future queen!

There is a strong possibility that the designer will be British. Kate, as future Queen, will be expected to support British designers by wearing their designs for key events and occasions. Here are some possible contenders.


Marchesa are known for the romance of their designs, with ruffles, drapes and roses being key themes. These may be perfectly suited to a romantic spring wedding.

Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson has a stylish boho vibe running through his designs. Kate may decide to have a less traditional wedding dress to show she is a new style, independent Princess. This dress keeps the flesh on display to a minimum.

Vivienne Westwood

The grande dame of British Fashion. Vivienne Westwood designs are beautiful and dramatic (Just think Carrie’s dress in the SATC movie!). Maybe, throughly modern Kate will become a Princess whilst wearing a dress designed by fashion Royalty.

Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley is known for her beaded, beautiful creations, and is one of the best known British designers. I think this dress is just stunning and would be perfect for Kate. The beading and lace are simply stunning, yet the dress has a modern-day simplicity that could pull Royal wedding dresses into the 21st century.

Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham is the celebrity wedding dress designer extraordinaire. Her designs are worn by the likes of Mylene Klass and Jenny Frost. Perhaps she could add a Princess to her roster of famous names? The Saskia dress has a beautiful and romantic feel to it.

Jasper Conran/Bruce Oldfield

Kate may choose to have a dress designed by one of Princess Diana’s favourite designers, Bruce Oldfield or Jasper Conran. This Bruce dress is stunning. This Jasper Conran dress, from a 2009 collection, has a traditional and romantic feel to it. I’m think its lovely, although there is also a slight top of the Christmas tree look to it too. I do think it is very Princessy though.

Phillipa Lepley

Phillipa Lepley has already been tipped by ‘You and Your Wedding’ magazine  to be the possible designer for Kate’s dress. I think her designs are very elegant, and would suit the demure Kate.

Kate Middleton may surprise everyone by choosing  a relative unknown. The idea of Holly Fulton designing an art deco jewelled wedding dress is very exciting. Whatever the choice is, fashionistas across the globe will wait with bated breath to see it. It’s going to be a very exciting time to be in British fashion!

Kate Middleton – why fashion needs a new Princess of style.

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This week the papers were full of speculation that we could have a royal wedding next July(the 25th to be exact), with Prince William finally popping the question to the lovely, long Princess in waiting Kate Middleton.

I think it’s great news that Kate could soon be Princess Katherine. She is such a stunning girl, a real show pony, with her glossy chestnut locks, lovely figure and a very pretty face. My friend Dawn once saw her in the flesh whilst walking along the King’s Road and confirmed that she was flawless, even more beautiful in the flesh.

She dresses pretty stylish too, with Topshop outfits rubbing shoulders with neat Issa dresses.

Wouldn’t it be good to have a real style Princess to fill the void left by the death of Princess Diana? Diana was a real style icon, from the early pie crust collars, veiled hats and Jasper Conran evening gowns, to her later Versace shifts, Chanel suits and show stopping black dresses. Her HRH days were a huge boost to British fashion, with her support of Bruce Oldfield, The Emmanuel’s, Belville Sassoon and Zandra Rhodes amongst many. Since her death, we have had to make do with our celebrity princesses, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Cheryl Cole being some of the biggest trailblazers for British style.

Kate Middleton has that horsey, middle class sensibility that is so loved by Luella Bartley. She has that healthy outdoors air combined with a girl about town look that could see her become a real force in British fashion circles if she was to become Princess Kate. And think of how good this could be for British designers, if there was a real Princess attending film premieres in real tiaras, or school openings in little jaunty hats, tea dresses and nipped in suits. We need Princess Kate to inspire a new chapter in British fashion design. Imagine a royal wedding dress designed by Marchesa or Alice Temperley. Let’s hope Prince William does the right thing!

Kate Style – a new Diana maybe?