Why Repairing Your iphone Is Better Than Buying A New One

Well, what did we do before iPhones? I think this is a perfectly legitimate question. Because whether we are using them for work purposes, or in our home lives, it seems these days we are never without our iPhones. Once upon a time our mobile phones had a simple use, we used them to contact people when we were out and about, sometimes with a call, sometimes with a text message. They were useful to help us keep in touch, to keep in the car with us in case of breakdowns, or to play a simple game on if we were bored. But that was then.

Today our whole lives seem to revolve around our smartphones, they simply have so many uses beyond just calling someone. For me, as both a blogger and a mother, the iPhone is indispensable. If I’m honest, my whole life is on there, from my emails, to Instagram and Twitter, I shop on their through the downloaded H&M and Coast Apps, and, due to the pandemic, have downloaded pub and restaurant apps so I can order food and drinks without having to go to the bar. My banking app allows me to pay bills and control my money, Joe’s school make all their contact online through apps like SIMS. But all this in one place makes it important that your phone is always working, and also makes it something you don’t want to replace.


The great thing is now that if you damage your Apple iphone, you can now get them repaired to a high standard both quickly and easily.  ImFixed are the best apple iPhone repair service provider in UK, with 10 years experience in fixing phone devices. They can actually carry out most repairs same day, and offer a 10 year, piece of mind warranty for their work.

They can work on your phone wherever you live as they have walk in, call out and send in options for your phone.

One of the things people worry about is that the repairs can be expensive, but the reality is that your whole life is on your phone, and with your phone broken it can be hard to get everything back to put onto a new phone. This is why, for many people, Why repairing your iphone is better than buying a new one, and ImFixed offers you the opportunity to pay by Klarna, which means you can pay in three installments, rather than one.




Carphone Warehouse invites you to play ‘Snake Retro’ to win prizes

If you are of a certain age and you think back to your first mobile phone, the chances are you used to get very excited about playing ‘Snake’. Yes, you remember it, it was the one where the snake (really a bendy graphic line that looked absolutely nothing like a snake if we’re being honest) was moved around the phone screen in order to eat things, a game that really exercised those fingers. Well now the Carphone Warehouse has updated Snake, making it smarter, brighter, sassier and fit for modern technology, and you can now win some very special prizes just for playing.

Now entitled ‘Snake Retro’, the new version of the classic game is available for desktop, mobile or tablet. Featuring coloured graphics, strange floating heads and skulls, and a main character who now at least resembles a snake of some sort, the game promises to take you back to the heady days of Britpop, when your phone resembled a housebrick and was only just about mobile!

That was then…

this is now.

To show us just how far mobile phone technology has come in such a short amount of time, Carphone Warehouse have launched a special competition where you could win a smartphone, either a Galaxy S4 or an iphone 5.  All you need to do is play the game! You simply choose a phone, enter your details, and have a go. The winner is not based on the score, it will simply be chosen at random. Which is lucky, as I currently sit at number 254 on the leader board, literally thousands of points behind the current leader. (who must have the most agile fingers ever!)

I would definitely recommend you have a go, but be warmed, the game is as addictive as it ever was.