Do You Check Your Tyres Regularly?

I’m going to start this post with a true story. Recently my dad experienced a puncture on one of his rear tyres after going over a rather large nail. He wasn’t too worried, he always carried a spare in the boot so knew that he could change the tyre and carry on his way. However, when he got to the boot and looked at the spare, he realised that the spare tyre was also flat, that he’d taken off this tyre on another occasion when it had been punctured, and had forgotten to get it sorted. He ended up calling our the RAC, and had a rather long wait into the process. The moral of the story is that your tyres are important and need to be given the respect they are due.

There is no use in carrying a spare tyre around if it is flat or damaged. Similarly, you never really know when you are going to be called upon to change your tyre. Driving around on flat tyres is dangerous and reckless, when you actually think about it the only part of your car that touches the road surface are your tyres,so all aspects of safety, from acceleration, braking, steering and cornering are all governed by the safety and condition of your four wheels. You are literally putting your life into the hands of your tyres. But not just your life, but the lives of everyone who travels in your car, and other motorists on the road too.

Point S lets you reserve car tyres hassle free. They stock a wide range of tyres, including cold weather tyres that we need to be looking to with a cold winter promised for 2017/8. Buying online can mean a much cheaper price point for your tyres and there are no additional or hidden costs, the price you see online is the price you will pay when your tyres are fitted. You can find your required tyres by reg number or tyre size, and then just need to type in your postcode to find a fitting centre near you.

Good, safe tyres are important and are something every driver needs to keep in the forefront of their mind. Why take the risk on the road?