More Stay Safe Dating Ideas

It really seems like the what the world needs now is love sweet love, even if the circumstances make this very difficult if you don’t actually live together. The thing about love at the moment, especially new love, is that as well as being romantic, exciting, positive and fun, it also needs to be a little bit creative.

Following on from my isolation dating post from last week, I have been collating more ideas for new love, including those romances that have started online through sites like the Devon dating site ‘Date Devon Singles’. Dating expert Shannon Smith has stated that new romances can still thrive in the present circumstances, but that they require people to really be engaged and actually enjoy that engagement by really talking rather than just chit chatting, by actually answering questions and being more open than you might be on physical, face to face dates. This allows relationships to develop if you are chatting by letter, text and email, but there are still other ways to enjoy some face to face (even if it is virtual) contact.

Take Your Virtual Exercise Together

We are all allowed out for some exercise each day in the form of a short walk, so why not facetime and do this together. This especially works well if you live somewhere beautiful and scenic, with lovely views, and also works well if you are a more mature dater, for instance if you are over 50s dating in Devon ,where you walk might take in a moor, or the coast. You can share your news, share the views and enjoy taking in some fresh air.

If you are actually staying inside to get your exercise, it may be that you have been taking part in the daily Joe Wicks workouts. If not, and you are not too self conscious, why not have some fun and laughs by doing this together. This could certainly help you to get over any inhibitions and could be a complete icebreaker, certainly showing off your fun side.

Online Book Club 

If books are your thing, you and your new date could try reading the same book as a mini online book club, and could then share your thoughts, ideas and predictions together when you chat. This will stop those early awkward silences when you are trying to think of something to talk about, and could mean that you fall in love over a book, which is pretty romantic and something Jane Austen would definitely approve of.

Group Quizzes

Group quizzes played virtually through Quiz Up and House Party have been growing in popularity during the time of quarentine for obvious reasons, they allow people to have fun together, even when they are far apart. A group quiz could be a great way to introduce your new partner to your friends in a social situation with no real pressure. This could mean that when restrictions are lifted and you are able to properly introduce them, it will feel quite relaxed and easy.


Dating Ideas In The Run Up To Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is also a perfect time to look for and find love. Most people like to spend Christmas with a special someone, and with the rise of online dating sites, including the current popularity of over 50s dating and single parent dating, it seems true that there really is somebody for everybody, and that now might just be the time you will find your soulmate, or at least some friendship and companionship. Dating websites have opened up the world of love to so many people, even in more rural, remote or island communities, currently dating sites in Guernsey are proving very popular as just one example.

If you are looking for a Guernsey dating site, there are lots out there, but once you have found some potential dates, what now? Where would be the ideal place for easy going, enjoyable dates, particularly if you want to take things a little slower? I have put together some festive ideas that will make the most of the joy of the season, as well as hopefully allowing you the chance to enjoy the perfect date.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

A Christmas Market

A Christmas market is a great date idea. Think about it, you don’t have to be ultra glam, your date can see you looking fairly natural which is a positive way to start a potential relationship. You can enjoy a drink (a mulled wine maybe) but drink does not have to take over the date, something that can happen if you are nervous. You can enjoy the date, hold hands, enjoy the sites, scents and the smells, but in a relaxed and happy festive atmosphere. Plus, if it doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, you should be within reach of lots of transport links if you want to make a quick escape.

Photo by Keith Lang from Pexels

A Pantomime

A trip to the panto used to be a traditional family entertainment, but that is no longer the truth. Many couples love the fun and the comedy of the panto and make it a looked forward to part of their Christmas celebrations. And it does make a perfect date night for a new couple. Why? Well for a start it is such good fun and it allows you to see if your new date has a sense of humour. If he/she sits there with a stony face, this is one date that probably won’t become two, but you might so enjoy a date where you are able to have fun together, the couple who laugh together, stay together.

A Christmas Movie

One of the loveliest things about Christmas is the traditional Christmas movie, and many of the independent cinema chains often have a special Christmas programme where they show classic movies, both black and white classics like ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and more modern fair like Home Alone and Elf.

A movie night is always a lovely date idea, a chance to snuggle up, share some popcorn and generally relax, lost in a wonderful movie. A Christmas movie just adds to the romance and enjoyment factor.

Set Your Boundaries When Dating Online

The past year has shown that even in the 21st Century, the treatment that women receive at the hands of men, particularly men in powerful positions, can be shocking in its nature. The Harvey Weinstein case catalogued an horrific cycle of abusive behaviour by a man who was in a serious position of power, and systematically abused it for a long, long period of time, destroying the life and careers of many young actresses and models in the process. But Weinstein was just the tip of an enormous iceberg that has led right up to the President of the United States himself, accused of paying a porn actress to keep quiet about a tryst that happened whilst married to his current wife Melania.

The stories of abuse and sexual exploitation have led to the rise of the ‘Me Too’ movement, where ordinary women have shared their own stories of abuse that occur every single day in our modern society. These range from inappropriate comments at work, catcalls when out on the street, to sexual assault, abuse and rape. Solidarity has been shown at Awards ceremony’s across the world, and women are finally feeling encouraged to talk about their experiences and, in some cases, to out their abusers.

With all this a major news story, there are implications for those who are currently using online dating sites, particularly adult dating sites which offer no strings sex dating. The highlighting of the ‘me too’ cases has given even more importance to the need to stay safe, and combat sexual harassment and abuse on adult online dating platforms, and while out on dates. But the negative stories do not mean that women should not be able to date in the manner that they choose, forcing women to conform an image where every women wants a date that leads to marriage and children is just another abuse. Consenting adults should make their own choices, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need to stay safe.

Stay Safe

  • Be careful with oversharing. When you first go online keep your chat light and general, so avoid giving away details about where you live and work until you have got to know someone and are feeling comfortable with them. You may even choose to not give you real name but to use a  user name instead – a much safer option.
  • Think about how soon you meet up with someone. You’ve just met online and had a brief chat. He seems really nice, but it is too soon to meet up with someone you’ve only e-known for 10 minutes. Get to know the person a little before you meet in person.
  • If you feel that you are receiving messages that are inappropriate, abusive or menacing when using any form of dating site, you need to block and report the user. Do not continue to engage with the user, trust your instincts and remove yourself from the situation. Similarly, if you get an uneasy feeling during your chats, it may be better to trust those instincts and to stop the contact.
  • When you do meet up, try and stick to popular, public places where you can see and be seen, and where you could make a quick exit if the date isn’t going how you would like, or if you get that uneasy feeling. Let a friend know where your date is taking place, and use your toilet break to let them know if you move on to a new place, or decide to take it further.
  • Make sure you keep your phone with you, and keep it charged. An extra power bank could be a useful addition to your handbag.
  • Watch what you drink on your date, and keep your eye on your drink at all times. Being drunk can put you in a range of situations you may not be in control in. Plus., although your date may be wonderful, date rape drugs are a very real threat that should not be ignored.

Ultimately, enjoy your date and whatever it is you want to achieve from it. Follow simple steps and you can open a whole new world of fun and excitement.