Mothers and Personal Loans- Money Management Tips


Managing your finances effectively is a critical skill regardless of whether you are married or a single mother. Developing such skills will enable you to take control of your money and avoid the financial challenges that arise from bad management. Being disciplined and responsible when handling different aspects of your financial obligations as a mother will keep you on track.

Budget for the Family

If you are responsible for paying bills and you are married, it is advisable to keep your spouse involved as much as possible. It is important to discuss income and expenses with your partner and create a budget for your family that the two of you are comfortable with. This ensures that the choices that you make regarding your finances are respected and adhered to.

The objective is for mothers to have budgetary boundaries that guide their expenditure. It is essential for mothers to manage their finances by establishing a budget that will enable their families to achieve financial goals. A budget helps you control your spending and avoid reckless decisions that can disrupt your financial capabilities. Everything should be included in your budget ranging from utilities to loans. Check these poor credit RV loans for your next family vacation even if you are on a tight budget.

Divide Income

All the money you have should be assigned to a specific purpose. Any money that is not assigned is likely to be wasted instead of using it in a way that can be beneficial for you and your family. Setting goals according to the finances you have will make it easier for you to control every cent. Divide your income into different funds according to the amounts that are required for each financial responsibility.


Aside from setting aside allowances for your children, consider assigning yourself an allowance as well to facilitate personal purchases. Make sure that your budget can accommodate a certain amount that you can spend on things you want on a weekly or monthly basis. Mothers deserve a treat that they can look forward to as long as they plan ahead and can afford it. Find personal loans here.

Getting a Personal Loan

When mothers want to determine the kind of credit that is most ideal for their needs, factors such as the amount of money they need, urgency, terms and lenders available will form the basis of their decision.

  • Online personal loans can make it much easier for mothers to fulfill a variety of financial responsibilities. Aside from being able to shop for a loan from the comfort of your bedroom, a personal loan also enables you to save time and money.
  • A major advantage for mothers who opt for a personal loan is that you will be able to gain access to various lenders. This saves a lot of time and gives you the chance to use advance your search to ensure that you get the type of loan you want according to terms and rates.
  • Applying for an online personal loan is a great option for busy mothers who want a quick and easy way to access reliable funding for various needs that range from renovations to car repairs.


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Vaping – The Parental Concerns

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a fan of Vaping. I’m a non-smoker, but I am married to an ex-smoker who had smoked heavily (30 a day) for almost 30 years before he was able to quit fully three years ago. He was able to do this through initially using vaping to cut out regular cigarettes, and then to give the vaping up too. Three years on, he has not returned to cigarettes and I am every day astounded at the change it has made to our lives, his health and our finances. For me, Vaping is a positive thing that can change lives.

But, according to some research from the E Cig review site this year, some parents have clear concerns when it comes to electronic cigarettes and Vaping. Because although two thirds of those questioned see the clear benefits of vaping in helping to quit the deadly weed, believing it to be an effective method of quitting, it seems that many have concerns on the influence vaping can have on young children and teenagers.


The results show that not only do 66% of parents feel that an adult smoking an e-cig would not discourage a child from smoking tobacco, almost the same percentage think that an adult smoking an e-cig could actually encourage a child to start the habit. E-Cigs smell much sweeter than normal cigarettes, and with the pretty light at the end, some parents are concerned that they look and smell good which can be tempting for susceptible, easily influenced children.


So do e-cigs tempt children? Are they something that can draw youth towards cigarettes rather than keeping them away? Research from the NHS says not, and that almost all e-cig users are former smokers who are trying to quit, or at least cut down on traditional cigarettes. It seems that parents misgivings are thankfully unfounded, but it maybe pushes the message that more education about e-cigs and vaping are definitely needed because anything that can help people to quit smoking must be a good thing.

Vehicular Style Tips for the Fashion Conscious Mom

As a modern parent, driving is almost a necessity. Although it’s possible to get by in life without having regular access to a car, it will certainly make things a lot harder if you don’t.

Of course, this problem can be easily remedied with a quick brush up on your driving theory knowledge and a practical test, but once you’re legally able to sit behind a steering wheel and drive, that’s when things become tricky.

Like all fashion conscious mothers, style is important. However, when it comes to transporting your children you’ll probably find that style becomes locked in a battle with another “S”: safety.

Although we all want to look good when we leave the house, it’s certainly not a good idea to base your car choice on how good you look with the top down.


How to Avoid a Fashion Disaster

Fortunately, the motor industry is now as much of a trendsetter as the top fashion houses in Paris or Milan. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but the point I’m trying to make is that you don’t have to sacrifice safety and security in the modern day if you want to own a stylish-looking car.

Of course, everyone will have their own tastes when it comes to deciding what’s hot and what’s not, but there are certain constants you need to look for in your next car. As I’ve said, safety is paramount and in 2015 you should be looking for cars with the highest Euro NCAP rating possible: 5 stars. This is a European standard for testing car safety and all the major manufacturers will submit their products to NCAP testers.

On top of safety, it’s also important to think about practicality. The new Mini Cooper S is a fantastic looking car for the style-conscious driver, but try squeezing two children and some bags in the back and you’ll quickly run into problems.

Motoring Fashion for 2015

Striking a balance between size and style isn’t easy, but modern day SUV-style cars are now in vogue. According to a recent article in The Telegraph, 2015 is the year of the SUV and manufacturers are putting a lot of stock in mid-sized cruisers. Slightly smaller than trucks or jeeps but bigger than a standard saloon, it’s now possible to buy a sleek-looking SUV that’s a perfect compromise between size and style.

Yes, the latest lookers will cost a pretty penny, but you don’t have to break the bank to find a car that’s suited to both your lifestyle and your style. At the upper end of the spectrum, the Range Rover Sport and Audi Q5 are fantastic options for those with a few extra pounds to spend. Moving down the scale, recent releases by Fiat (Panda 4X4), Skoda (Yeti) and Mazda (CX-5) are innovative examples of the class that don’t cost the earth.


If you’re a mother with an eye for fashion but a need for practicality on the road, then SUVs appear to be the way forward in 2015. Although motoring trends aren’t as flighty as the clothing industry, the experts do seem to be favouring stylish SUVs at the moment. This is great news for fashion moms as these cars have great Euro NCAP ratings, acres of space for the kids and they look great. While I might not be a connoisseur when it comes to cars, this is certainly a fashion trend I can get on board with.