How Can We Age Happily?

Getting older is something we all worry about eventually. It comes around so quickly, we don’t even realise it’s happening until we see that cluster of grey appearing on our head. But although ageing is something that happens to us all, and is not something we can avoid, it doesn’t mean we have to accept it, or that we can’t give nature a little helping hand.

As women, we tend to worry about our looks at the best of times, but how can we age a little more happily when we start to see the signs on the outside?


Keep up a healthy hair and skin routine

Keeping up a healthy and consistent beauty regime can make you feel better inside and out. Little things like drinking lots of water and staying away from harsh chemicals can all help slow down external ageing and keep hair, nails and skin all looking young and refreshed.

The stresses of everyday life can start to show as we get older, so it’s important to keep in mind that the inside is just as important as taking care of your outside.

Give Nature Some Help

We now live in times when botox, skin peels and fillers are no longer frowned upon, but are a natural part of a beauty regime for many women, helping with fine lines and the general appearance and quality of our skin. The same is true of some forms of cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation offered by absolute cosmetic

Breast augmentation is not just about making the breasts bigger, but also looks at the shape, whether the breasts are uneven, and also can correct sagging, a notable effect of ageing on the body.

Our hair may also need some help as we age as it can become thinner and more brittle. Rather than worrying about thinning hair we can use thickening products that help to regenerate hair growth, or, if you are a man, you could opt for a lace frontal hair system which fits naturally into your hair style and colour in order to add thickness to your hairs appearance.

Let Go Of The Little Things

One of the biggest things that gets us down is holding on to the small stresses in life. Learning to let go of the little things in life is something we learn as we get older, but the sooner we can embrace it, the quicker we can enjoy more of life.

Make a list of some of the smaller things you find yourself stressing about day to day, including laundry or the food shop. Once you’ve got your list down, take a look through and you will probably be surprised at how trivial some things seem out of the moment.

Get Rid Of The Comparison Bug

Comparing ourselves to others can bring us down, looking at others and thinking we should be the same as them can be a damaging habit to get into. Let go of those comparisons and start focusing on accepting yourself as you age gracefully.

In the survey conducted by Crown Clinic, it was found that 72% of women dread finding those first grey hairs. But is going grey something to worry about? 62% of women stated that grey hair made them look older and it was this that bothered them the most.

Having grey hair doesn’t have to be the killer of your confidence, remember that all of us go grey eventually and if you do start to go grey, embrace it. Don’t forget you can always dye your hair if it really gets you down, but au naturale is so much better.


Simple hair tips for styling long hair

Long hair is a blessing and a curse, and while everyone else is impressed and complementing you on your healthy mane, you may be losing arm strength every morning trying to comb out the knots and kinks. Long hair takes a lot of care and maintenance in order to keep it in a good condition that looks healthy and lustrous.

In addition, having long hair is no guarantee that you won’t suffer from some sort of hair loss. Pregnancy, hormone issues and alopecia can all lead women with even the most beautiful of manes to suffer the despair of hair loss. This can be temporary in cases, but can also be a more permanent, or recurring problem. In these cases you can resort to a long term solution like those offered by the Harley Street Hair Clinic, who carry out a range of hair loss treatments including transplants.

If you are looking to change your long hair style this Autumn, here are a few suggestions for you to try.

  • Spicing up the classic ponytail

This is often the hairstyle of choice for girls with long hair. Throwing it up in a ponytail and leaving it that way makes you look too plain and simple. The curled half-up half-down ponytail is a great way to look fancy while making your ponytail more voluminous. The side braid or low weave ponytail can shake things up and give you a whole new way of styling your plain old ponytail. Wearing natural hair extensions adds volume instantly for a layered, textured, ponytail look.

  • Curly and wavy

Naturally, straight hair can also look great in curls. With curls or waves, you can let your hair hang down to your shoulders comfortably for both formal and informal occasions. Curls are great for thin hair since they give it volume. You hair stylist can curl the hair using a curling iron, brush it out and use hair spray for extra hold. You can also use hair mousse for a less curly, wavier messy-mane look. This time you will only use a blow dry to fluff up the hair so that it does not look too flat.

You can add body to curly and wavy hair by adding u part wigs natural hair. These half wigs add thickness to your own hair and can improve the appearance of the  natural hairline, whilst giving you the option of changing your own hair style and look.jess-glynne-promo


  • Braided styles

Braided styles look great with long hair. The fishtail to the back or side can double up as a casual and formal dinner look, depending on how much more hairspray you use of course. Boho chic braids also look great with long hair.


  • Scarves and hair accessories

It is almost like most hair accessories were designed with long hair in mind and there is so much you can do with this. The messy look is in so you do not have to worry too much about the flyaways. A headband, scarf, classic pin, ribbon or bows are just some of the things you can use to create a cute up-do for any occasion. Talk to your hairstylist and see how you can work in a few hair accessories, regardless of whether your hair is curly or straight, accessories worn the right way always look amazing.



  • Slick bun

The slick bun is a great way to wear long hair to a formal occasion. Depending on your hair texture, it may take a whole tub of wax or gel but the results will be totally worth it. If you want to show off your jewelry and high cheekbones, you can pull all your hair back into the neatest bun.  You have the choice of leaving the ponytail to hang lose or wrapping it up into a neat high bun. It is a pleasant change from having your hair around your neck and chest all the time.



New Year New Hair

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

One of the best ways of changing your image for the new year is with a new hairstyle. This could be through loping off those long locks for something shorter and sassier, or growing out a short or bobbed style and opting for something longer and softer for a complete change of image. If you are a bit of a chameleon when it comes to your hair, you could try out a range of wigs in different colours, or add hair extensions to make every day a new hair day.

Going Shorter.

For many a Hollywood starlet and model, going shorter has been the launchpad for a successful career. Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg were two blonde stars who saw their careers go stratospheric after they chopped off their blonde girly locks and opted for pixie cuts that made them look ultra modern and fashion forward. More recently, model Amber Valletta showed that elfin styles still work very well in fashion, whilst Kate Moss has been the queen of reinvention when it comes to hair length.

Wigs – Every Day Be A Little Different

Rihanna and Nikki Minaj have shown that wigs can offer variety, fun and glamour when it comes to your hair. If you opt for lace front wigs these can also look very authentic and natural. Companies like Divatress offer thousands of wigs and hair care products that allow you to change your look as often as you wish, making you a total style chameleon and trendsetter, or just offering you the option to change your hair to match your look.

Go Longer

In the same way that going drastically shorter can completely change your look and image, growing your hair, or adding long extensions, can give you a new look that can give you the pick me up that you need. Twiggy was famed for her short crop, but then grew her hair much longer as the seventies progressed, and pretty much kept that look ever after, a real departure for the look that had established her image so well. More recently, Carey Mulligan made her look more grown up by growing her hair longer. This coiffure is prevalent, to this day, as a famous Hair design in San Bernardino.

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