Stephanie Grace Foy – One to watch.

At the recent London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to meet and chat to Stephanie Grace Foy. A talented up and coming designer, I was intrigued by her collection ‘Longitude/Latitude’ which seemed to juxtaposedly be the most simple, yet also the most intricate of designs.

This is a wonderful collection of ‘lighter than air’ pieces that are deceptive in their cool simplicity. Stephanie has a background as a freelance pattern cutter working for some of the best in the fashion business. Her CV includes pattern cutting for Mark Fast, Topshop Unique and Mario Schwab. Witnessing the inner workings of the design process led Stephanie to formulate ideas for her own designs. The collection ‘Longitude/Latitude is an amalgam of interest in pattern cutting in relation to body shape. This has led to a collection of beautifully floaty pieces that both float over and skim your curves, changing their shape has the body moves.  These clothes almost have a life force of their own – they literally undulate as you move.

Stephanie shows off one of her beautiful designs.

I totally fell in love with this collection, the blouses, shell tops and dresses were so delicate you could scrunch them up in your hand, they were so light. And they are just terribly pretty, in gorgeous shades of pistachio and deep corals, and contrasting cool white. The sheerness of the fabrics make them perfect for those travelling to warmer climates, these would not take up any room in your case.

This is a very forward looking collection, when so many designers are looking to the past for inspiration, SGF definitely has it feet planted firmly in the fashion future. Destined to be a huge name in the British Fashion Scene, Stephanie Grace Foy is definitely one to watch.

Stephanie Grace Foy with Fashion-Mommy at Vauxhall Fashion Scout