Zara Taylor London – My picks.

I was recently invited to choose some pieces from the fabulous jewellery collection of Zara Taylor London. For those not familiar with the brand, Zara Taylor jewellery is full of beautiful, vintage inspired pieces that incorporate vintage beads and stones into new designs. Many are made using original tools to help replicate antique pieces from a bygone age. I love the designs, which just scream originality, and I’m in good company. Celebrity fans include Taylor Swift, Jessie J, and the girls from Made In Chelsea. When Kerry Katona entered the Big Brother House, she was wearing a Zara Taylor design.

Here are the pieces I chose from the latest collection.

Corpse Bride

I totally adore this pendant. From a distance, this is a beautiful, traditional cameo, but when you see it close-up, you realise it is anything  but. This pendant will be absolutely perfect for Halloween, draping down the front of your little black  dress. It’s quirky, cute, and yet looks surprisingly elegant. You can frankly wear it with anything. It looks great with jeans and a plain white t-shirt, but I have also worn it with a cream silk cami and pencil skirt and it also looked great. Definitely a talking point.

CORPSE BRIDE Long Chain Pendant £21.99

Fairy Pendant

As someone who has longed love cameos, this beautiful fairy pendant really appealed. Cameos were a staple of Victorian jewellery, and the fairy pendant seems to stay true to that eras love of mysticism and magic. You need to see this in the flesh to appreciate just how delicate and pretty the design is.I wore this when I attended the Jasper Garvida show during London Fashion Week and just got so many comments about it, most of which can summed up in one statement ‘So Pretty!’.

fairy cameo long chain pendant £17.99

Wearing the pendant with Lupe Castro of Ms Castro Rides and Giovanna Velazquez of Magenta 8

Big Old Bumblebee

When  we talk about statement jewellery, this is what we mean! A gorgeous, big, old piece with a beautiful  bumblebee at its centre, this piece is made of  brass and has then been  plated with silver for a real vintage feel. The silver chain that it hangs from is also antique silver. This is the piece of jewellery in your collection that will be known as your showstopper, and it is guaranteed to dress up even the most simple of outfits. And it has the sort of timeless feel that means you will be wearing it for years. Wear it, Love it, Cherish it!

BIG OLD BUMBLEBEE Antique silver long chain pendant £21.99

Wearing the big old bumblebee with designer Stephanie Grace Foy at Vauxhall Fashion Scout

To find out more about Zara Taylor jewellery, visit the website


Sex and the City

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When you think of Sex and The City chic, Cannock on a Wednesday night doesn’t instantly spring to mind. But Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would’ve been in their fashion element last night as the the charity Newlife hosted a night of high fashion and style at the Bank Bar and Lounge.

Sex and the City style was the theme for the evening.  The cosmopolitan’s were flowing thanks to the special 2 for one discount. Candi Statons classic ‘You got the love’ was playing in the background, reminding everyone of the final Sex in the City episode, where Carrie finally got her dream man Mr Big. But for all the stylish ladies in the room, the main draw were the fabulous array of clothes, shoes and accessories that were on sale at very special prices.

The fashionista's scan the rails for bargains.

There was a gorgeous selection of evening dresses in a range of styles, from ‘short and sexy’ to ‘full length and fabulous.’ Top High Street names Karen Millen, River Island, Monsoon and Coast were on offer at the most amazing prices. I bought a beautiful monochrome cocktail dress for just £20, and this seemed to be the average price for a dress, approximately 70% cheaper than the original High Street price. The size range was also good, with dresses from size 6 to 24 available on the night.

As well as the amazing dresses, the discerning fashionista could also pick up an accessorize beaded bag for £3, with bags from Harrods, Karen Millen and Monsoon also there to purchase. The shoes were glorious. Remember the newly groomed Kerry Katona wearing head to toe Karen Millen recently. Her much admired £180 shoes were on sale for less than £30. Unfortunately these were not my size, but I did get a fabulous pair of nude Karen Millen shoes for just £12.

Heather from BDF NEWLIFE did a sterling job on the night.

There were accessories in abundance. River Island watches for just £10. Tommy and Kate brand new boxed sunglasses for £5. A range of jewellery including long strands of beads and assorted necklaces for £3. Perhaps the best, and certainly the sweetest, bargain on offer on the night were the pretty beaded and diamante headbands and tiaras – just £1. These were perfect for an evening out, or just to add a bit of sparkle to an everyday outfit. Before the evening was out, almost every fashionista had purchased at least one, with many wearing them straight away!

A great key to the success and enjoyment of the night were the stylish staff and volunteers from NEWLIFE  itself.  They did an amazing  job on the night, modelling many of the fab dresses and working relentlessly to sell as much stock as possible.

Sarah from Newlife modelling one of the amazing dresses on sale.

A great night was had by all, with the fashionista’s leaving laden down with goodies. It was a great idea to hold a fashion/shopping and cocktails night, all to raise money for charity. Carrie Bradshaw would be proud!

For more information about  NEWLIFE, visit the website

Kerry Katona's shoes on offer at the BDF NEWLIFE Sex and the City Night.