Why Blake Lively should not play Carrie Bradshaw

The internet has been going crazy this week with the news that Blake Lively may be playing the young Carrie Bradshaw in an adaptation of Candace Bushnell’s ‘The Carrie Diaries’, the prequel to Sex in the City that tells the tale of Carrie Bradshaw’s teenage years.

I am not happy about this. I like Blake Lively. She is tall, blonde and beautiful. As stylish off-screen as she is on, she is the current darling of Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, and is the undoubted star of Gossip Girl. (Sorry Blake!). But she is just not right for the role of the teenage Carrie.

For a start, Blake is imply too tall and beautiful to be the teenaged Carrie. Carrie Bradshaw, as played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is a quirky beauty. Frizzy haired, nose slightly too big, and at times too skinny, but adorable just the same.  This is the girl who compares herself to Katie from ‘The way we were’ in series 2. Blake is tall, blonde and perfect, there’s nothing quirky or imperfect about her, and who would compare her to Barbara Streisand?

In reality, when you picture a teenage Carrie you think of a young Sarah Jessica Parker – she is just so identified with the character. The new, younger Carrie needs that air of vulnerability that SJP bought to the role. In the book she looses her boyfriend to a school friend, something that you just can’t ever picture happening to Blake Lively. Another issue with Blake is that, at 23, she is just too old to be playing a teenage Carrie. Blake is glamorous and sophisticated, Carrie is an opinionated 17-year-old just finding her way in the world. Emma Roberts would be perfect for the role, Blake Lively would not.


Emma Roberts - may choice for a young Carrie.


I think my biggest issue is that we met a very young Carrie in Sex and the City 2. She was  cute, Frizzy haired and styled like Madonna in 1984.  Can you imagine Blake Lively styled like this? In an ideal world, someone would just use an extremely soft focus lens on SJP. Because SJP is Carrie. And while I can accept that someone younger needs to play Carrie in ‘The Carrie diaries’, and also accept that the person will be playing the character of ‘Carrie’, not the character of Sarah Jessica Parker, I simply can’t accept that a teenage Carrie was a statuesque glamazon played by Blake Lively.


I rest my case!


Sex and the City (film)

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If, like me, you can’t wait for the release of the 2nd Sex and The City movie (November 29th fact fans!), then a night out in Stourbridge might just be for you.

Following on from their first Sex and the City night, which raised over £1,600, disabled children‘s charity NEWLIFE has organised further glamorous, Manhattan themed, fashion evenings, with the first taking place this week, on the 18th November.

The venue for this sparkling, fashion-filled event is the Swan Inn Pub, based in Stourbridge town centre, and will take place from 7pm.  Fashionista’s getting ready for the Christmas party season will be able to purchase fabulous frocks, shoes, bags and accessories, with prices starting from a bargainous £3.

In addition to the amazing clothing on offer, Sex and the City fans will be able to enjoy the first movie as they shop.

The aim is to raise further funds to support disabled and terminally ill children across the country.  Newlife CEO, Sheila Brown, says;- ” The first Sex and the city event we held  was a great night and we’re so pleased that The Swan Inn Pub has decided to run an event. We are very grateful to everyone involved and are encouraging people in Stourbridge to help us raise even more money to help disabled children.”


Fashion mommy takes a trip part 5- market day.

Machynlleth Town Clock

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Day five in beautiful Wales and the weather was still decidedly sunny. A trip was planned to Machynlleth, a lovely Welsh town that had once, briefly been the ancient capital of Wales and is still immensely proud of the fact.  Fashion mommy was really excited about a genuine shopping trip, and decided that today I would turn my Welsh holiday into a ‘Roman Holiday‘ by channelling the one and only Audrey Hepburn.

I had a fabulous artscape New York scene full skirt in cotton. It features the Manhattan landscape and is really kitsch and cute. Teamed with a Next, white short-sleeved blouse and cinched in at the waist with a Yours black elasticated belt, I was almost ready to join the cast of Happy Days. The black, flat, Kate Moss style ballet shoes firmly pushed the outfit into the 1950’s era. Very fashion forward and cool and pretty. Sandra Dee, eat your heart out.

My fab pretty artscape shirt, get it now from QVC for less than £10.

I love Mach(as everyone seems to call it). It has a real sense of history about it, with statues and tributes to Owain Glendower just about everywhere. Owain Glendower is a real Welsh hero, he defeated the English in the 15th century, taking Harlech castle in the process. I can imagine Russell Crowe playing him as a sort of Welsh Braveheart.

But the real attraction of Mach for me is the shopping. The market is a real bargain hunters delight. There are stalls selling Per Una and Next seconds at reasonable prices. Other stalls sell hand-made jewellery, leather handbags and belts, and, best of all, a fabulous new book stall. I was able to get a fab book that was my perfect holiday read – ‘Spend,spend,spend – A history of shopping.’ You could also get a biography of the last empress of France – Eugenie, a real fashionista from the 19th century. There are also some cool shops in Mach. Ian Snow sells Arran Aromatics toiletries, pretty bedroom trinkets, French Connection clothing and a great range of beads and jewellery. Trade Secrets is a hidden gem. It stocks a wide range of high street names from seconds and end of lines, including M&S, Wallis, Monsoon, Autograph, Per Una at amazingly cheap prices. I got a cute Be Beau cardigan in teal green for just £6.

My favourite shop is a charity/junk shop raising money for an animal charity. This is a maze of small rooms, the one lying at the back of the shop is full of rails of clothing. Now, make no mistake, the shop does have a smell to it, and with its damp feel and concrete floors it would be easy to walk straight back out. But persevere, and you can find great bargains. My favourite today was a lurex knit style gold tunic from Uniqlo for just 50p/ It would look fab over a black polo neck when the weather turns cooler.

My favourite fashion look  of the day was a grey linen style maxi dress that was worn with glads and an amazing ethnic style cross body large bag, that was identical to those designed by Simone Camille and loved by Lindsey Lohan et al. the dress and bag were accessorised by lots of Bali style jewellery, jangling bangles and earrings. This was boho chic, Talitha Getty style, but with a throughly 21st century chic.

After exhausting the shops, we decided to take Baba for a play on the park based by Y Plas. The park was full of yummy mummy’s with cute kids, and Baba was playing happily in no time. Hubby and I took it in turns to follow Baba around the park. I noticed a group of yummy mummy’s looking at me, and the one of tem approached me. ‘We love your skirt…’ she said, in her best Gavin and Stacey accent ‘..and we can’t decide if it is London or Manhattan…’. Manhattan I said. ‘its lovely, did you get it in Manhattan?.’ ‘No’ I said, ‘QVC!’ Somehow I can’t imagine Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday saying that, can you?