Mother’s Day Gifts For Stylish Moms

There are two  kinds of Mother. The first is the sort of mom who almost breaks into tears when their baby presents them with a gift they have specially chosen themselves from the pound shop, and then places the gift in pride of place for all to see. There is also the mother who, when presented with the same gift (think a plastic swan with plastic roses sprouting from the head…you get the picture.), smiles sweetly at their child, whilst racking their brains for where they can hide it.

This gift guide is for those moms.

Ines De La Fressange Stationery

Legendary French model, designer and author of the New York Times bestseller Parisian Chic Ines De La Fressange has designed the perfect range of stationery that would make the perfect gift for stylish moms.

Whether you are looking for a notebook for jotting down shopping lists and appointments, or a larger tome that could be used for notes, or as a journal, the range has something that will suit. The Parisian Chic Notebook is a chic companion for work and everyday life, a place to record all important notes, ideas and inspirations. Business cards, receipts and other important slips of paper stay organized in an accordion airmail envelope. The Parisian Chic Journal is an ideal personal diary, travel journal or keepsake, a space to record life’s precious moments and store favourite mementos. Sleek and slim, the Parisian Chic Passport slips into a purse, bag or pocket like an authentic passport; it is perfect for writing and drawing on the go.

Ines is a fashion legend, the face of 1980s Chanel, and, like everything else she has ever done, the range is stylish and chic, a perfect gift for a mom who loves to jot and scribble.

Rosa Faia Underwear

There is every chance that your mom is wearing the wrong sized bra, so this Mother’s Day treat her to a bra fitting and some beautiful underwear that actually fits. Most lingerie stockists offer a free bra fitting service, and the latest range from Rosa Faia has beautiful underwear that comes in a large range of sizes, colours and styles.

The Josephine range is a stunning collection of bras and briefs that comes in four colourways, light, navy, pearl and chocolate. The bras include a moulded post surgical option,  a seamless underwire, a traditional underwire and a underwire contour style. The mixture of floral lace and houndstooth style print works so well, and this, in the pearl option could be the perfect wear under anything bra.


SOIGNÉ | Pronounced ‘swahn – yey’ 

Beautiful nail varnish that also conditions the nails and are free from chemicals and are vegan friendly, Soigne is the new name in Nails. The stylish black and white packaging has a nod to an iconic French brand that starts with a ‘C’ and ends with a ‘L’, and makes the Soigne nail products a lovely gift idea, especially for a mom who is also a beauty lover.
The current nail range currently has 65 colours that range from the deepest iconic red to neutral shades and bright primary colours. Soigne also offers nail treatments and strengthening products that provide the healthy nail base to all their wonderful products.

Botanically rich products from The Chapel

The Chapel Hairdressing brand has now created a range of beautifully designed, botanical-rich candles, hand creams and pulse point EDTs that would be a perfect and luxurious gift for Mother’s Day.

The philosophy behind the brand shows why these products would be such a good choice for a stylish mom who deserves a treat.

For hard-worked mums who have to contend with more stress points in life than most, finding a little time for themselves can be difficult, but it’s essential for keeping mind and body balanced.  This ‘pause’ philosophy at the heart of The Chapel hairdressing has become founder Amanda Dicker’s motivation to create a calming fragrance collection aimed at encouraging small moments of pause in a busy day. 

The range comes in three fragrances, with my personal favourite being the Noctula, a relaxing mixture of deep and rich oudh, juicy red fruits, floral lily and zesty mandarin, creating a fragrance that is designed to be enjoyed as you turn off the day and relax in the warmth of the night.

The Chapel products are beautifully packaged and seriously high end, with the candles having 80 hours burning time and come in a porcelain vase that has a stylish minimalist feel combined with a stunning illustration.

Luxury Scented Candle – The Chapel Noctula
£55.00 Click to visit The Chapel

Luxury Moisturising Hand Cream – The Chapel Noctula
£12.00 Click to visit The Chapel

Lorena Oberg’s ‘miracle oil

Celebrity skincare expert Lorena Oberg may have created the perfect gift idea in the form of her miracle oil that can rejuvenate both hair and skin.

The Miracle Oil is made up of natural oils including Olive Oil, avocado and almond, and it 100% natural and organic. It can be used on skin, lips and hair, and works against the likes of flakiness, chapped skin and lips, bruises, dry skin and sunburn.

The oil is easy to use as it can just be applied directly using either your fingertips or a cotton bud. It is best used at night and can be used sparingly, so it will last for ages.






DesignByDC Family Tree Locket – Mother’s Day Sorted

OK Mother’s – lets be honest here. Mother’s Day can be a slight disappointment on the gift front. Leave it to the kids to decide and you could well end up with some hideous cat a lustre glaze (you know exactly where I am coming from, I once got my mom a plastic swan with pink flowers sticking out…). Leave it to the hubby and it may well be the lovely, but hardly imaginative flowers and chocolates. With this in mind, sometimes it is better not to leave it to chance, but to give those you love a little point in the right direction. This post is the pointer.

The DesignByDC Family Tree Locket is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It is beautiful, personal and poignant, something you would wear as a beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery, but one that also has real meaning behind it. Danielle Croud, the brains and talent behind DesignByDC explains a little about the company.

“DesignByDC is centered around the design of jewellery, mainly memory lockets. I design the memory lockets for many different occasions such as the loss of a loved one, birthdays, weddings, new babies etc. However I also love to help people design their own special piece so customised orders are always welcomed. Lockets and charms can be changed to suit the individual also. Memory Lockets to DesignByDC are extremely special because they capture special moments, memories, occasions and loved ones.”

I was sent a really lovely, personalised locket by Danielle, one with birthstones to symbolise my two boys – hubby Pete and my boy Joe Luca. There was also a stone for my birthday too. My necklace has a sterling silver chain and a locket that is made from stainless steel. The beautiful tree within resembles an Oak tree, with the birthstones not fixed but fluid giving the necklace lovely movement. The overall effect is of a stunning piece of jewellery that you could easily wear every single day, keeping your loved ones close to your heart.

There are other versions of this necklace, including rose gold style  and vintage style so you should be able to choose a style that suits your taste and wardrobe, and there are birthstones for every month of the year, and you can add additional birth stones to personlise this for your own family.

You can find all DesignByDC pieces at the Etsy shop by clicking here. You can also connect on social media by following the below accounts.

Twitter: @DesignedByDC

Facebook: @designbydc Link:

Pinterest: DesignByDC Link:

Instagram:  DesignByDC

Fabulous Mother’s Day Florals from Moonpig

On Tuesday I spent a lovely day in the gorgeous confines of the Montague Hotel in Bloomsbury. Enjoying a range of gorgeous sweet treats and Prosecco, I was a guest of the brand as they showcased their latest floral offerings, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Now I guess that I’m not the only person who believed that was merely the home of personalised greetings cards. But to dismiss Moonpig as just a place to find a great card would be silly in the extreme. The brand is responsible for some of the loveliest floral bouquets and arrangements that you would ever wish to see. And showcasing these in the gorgeous environs of The Montague on the Gardens was nothing short of a masterstroke.


Fairtrade Pink (on the left) £30 click to visit Moonpig


Rainbow (on the left) £30, click to visit Moonpig



Mother’s Day Rose Jute £40 click to visit Moonpig

Moonpig have a truly beautiful range of flowers and plants that make the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and, of course, Mother’s day. The prices start from a reasonable £25, with most bouquets averaging between £30 – £40. Each bouquet comes with a free card to complete your gift, and the arrangements vary in the types of flowers used, so you can chose your favourite flowers, or favourite colours to make the present even more personal and special to the recipient.


Breakfast in a Box £40 click to visit Moonpig


Some of the gift ideas – click here to see more information

There are also some pretty special gift options too.  Everyone was impressed with the breakfast in a box option, just the thing if you are planning to treat someone to breakfast in bed. There were also pampering options with lovely Heathcote and Ivory bath and body treats in vintage style packaging. And, of course, for those in celebratory mood, there were bottles of fizz and different varieties of wine.

I was really impressed with the Moonpig offering, and with a great delivery service that is available until literally a few hours before Mother’s Day itself, it is a brilliant option for both those who remember, and those who almost always forget.

Mother’s Day Delivery from Moonpig

Flowers under £30-Last order 2pm Friday28th for Saturday 29th delivery

 Flowers over £30- Last order 4pm Saturday 29th for Mother’s Day delivery

Free card with all flowers and selected gifts

With thanks to Moonpig and Hotwire PR for the invitation.

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