Is it a good idea to buy a used stroller? – Tips you must consider

A Stroller provides a convenient, safe and comfortable place for your baby. At the same time, you can have the mobility and thus stroller is the prime necessity for the baby. Buying a new stroller can be a big investment. But you can save the money by purchasing the high quality used stroller. It is not only a cost-effective solution but also better than purchasing a new cheaper model that doesn’t even last for a longer time. Here are the nine quick tips you must consider before buying them.

  1.  Perform the Research

It is recommended that don’t just choose the first stroller you find. Perform the proper research especially if you’re looking the best stroller for toddlers. You should also check it well before buying that it has an easy fold, additional seating, large storage basket and all the available accessories. These all features are necessary for having the used stroller with the utility.

  1. Check the New Stroller First

You should first check the new model of the stroller first before you purchase the old one. This will give you an idea that how easy the seat feels or stroller folds. It will be helpful in selecting the best strollers for toddlers from the used ones.

  1.  Check for Recalls

Recalls are common and not only limited to unknown brands but many popular brands have them as well. If the recall is associated with the minor issues like a replacement part and confirm that the repair has been made then can be used. But if it for the major issues then it is suggested not to buy. This is very important in order to choose the best stroller for toddlers.

  1.  Check the Original Price

It is always good to check the original price of the new stroller. Generally, the prices of the new stroller are the 60% less than that the new ones. Higher the quality of the stroller, then this percentage can be higher and if the condition is not good then it can be lower than this percentage. Therefore, pay less for the damaged strollers.

  1.  Look at the Reviews

Reviews are important when it comes to making a purchasing a decision. It’s important to know what people are saying about stroller based on their experience. It is crucial to know the convenient features, safety, usability and durability and opinions of people before purchasing a new stroller. In fact, a negative feedback is important to check when buying the used stroller.

  1.  Examine the Stroller Carefully

When you’re ready to purchase the stroller, perform the thorough examination such as cleaning, stain marks, wear and tear, etc. The condition should be good and see if there is any scope of repair. Try to remove the seat and see if the attachment points are proper.  Make sure it doesn’t make noise. Don’t forget to compare its functioning with the original version you have already seen it.

  1. Know all the Features

Saving money is important but you should also check that the stroller on babylic should have all the necessary features as well.  It should have one hand folding to easily fold up the stroller, adjustable multiposition seat and adjustable leg rest. When a child grows, adjustable leg rest is the key feature to be used and multiposition can be helpful for long outings. Apart from these, there is weather hood with window and shopping basket utility features also which is useful sometimes.

  1. Return Policy

You must check that if the seller has the return policy. Many times when you buy the product then there are flaws and if you can’t return then there is the wastage of the money. Therefore, it is important to check the return policy so that in case if you don’t like the used stroller features or found it to be defective after purchasing then you can easily return it or take the refund if applicable on the model.

  1.  Where to Find the Used Stroller

You can easily find the used stroller in the groups related to parent tips and resources or related sites. You can also ask other parents who are getting rid of their baby stroller. There are numerous sites also where people buy, sell and trade the used stroller regularly.

The Bottom Line

The stroller can be a good gift for your pregnant wife and she will feel even happier if you give her the surprise gift. You should consider all the useful tips mentioned above and the steps you usually follow to buy a new stroller as well. Remember investing in the stroller can be hard but the above tips can be helpful in purchasing the used stroller with all the available features. This will not only save your money but also provide the safety and comfortable place to sit for your baby which is a prime necessity.

3 Ways That Umbrella Strollers Make Parenting Easier

An umbrella stroller is definitely one of the best items to pick up for your baby. These versatile, lightweight pieces of equipment are absolutely ideal for anybody who needs a convenient way to get their baby around. So many parents don’t own an umbrella stroller, and they make life so much easier, from quick trips to the store to family vacations. Even better, the misconception that umbrella strollers don’t have the same features as many rigid, upright strollers is entirely unfounded. In fact, umbrella strollers are one of the best things to buy right now to make parenting so much easier. Here are three ways that umbrella strollers make the hardest job in the world, just a little bit easier.


  1. They’re Small and Lightweight

The best thing about umbrella strollers is definitely their portability. No matter where you need to take your baby, a good umbrella stroller can come too! Often folding up to an easy to store size, an umbrella stroller can fit into even the tightest of places. The small size of these kinds of strollers is made even better by how incredibly lightweight umbrella strollers tend to be. These super portable strollers will make parenting easier by allowing you to make sure your baby is happy and comfortable no matter where you take them.


  1. They’re So Much Cheaper

Umbrella strollers are a perfect fit for anyone looking for a low-budget stroller option. Unlike upright strollers, umbrella strollers offer a great low-cost alternative to other incredibly expensive strollers on the market, while still retaining a lot of the features of the strollers on the more expensive end of the spectrum. As a low-cost option, the portability of umbrella strollers is even better, when you haven’t blown your budget on an expensive ride for your baby, you don’t need to worry about any damage your stroller might sustain while you’re out with your baby.

  1. They Have So Many Features

One reason a lot of parents are put off by the idea of buying an umbrella stroller is that they worry that they can’t hold a candle to the features offered by larger, more expensive stroller options. However, this just isn’t the case! There are so many accessories you can buy for your umbrella stroller to make them just as feature-heavy as any expensive larger stroller. From sun shades to cup holders there are so many features that you can add on to an umbrella stroller to make it just as well equipped as anything else on the market.


Hopefully, you’re convinced as to why umbrella strollers can make parenting so much easier. The portable nature and cheap price of these kinds of strollers, while losing out on very few of the features found in more clunky, expensive strollers make umbrella strollers the perfect investment for any parent looking to make their life a little bit easier. If you’re convinced that you need an umbrella stroller, but don’t know where to start, check out these umbrella stroller reviews by Lisa at ParentsNeed.

Why Flexible working hours make perfect sense

My little boy celebrates his 6th birthday today, and so it is the perfect time to reflect on how much my life has changed in the days since he was born. At that time, I was an acting head teacher of a Primary School, working full time, and also bringing a lot of work home each evening. When Joe came along I wanted to reduce my hours to part time so I could enjoy being a mommy to this precious little bundle, a request that became even more important when I was diagnosed with post-natal depression. Unfortunately I did not meet the response I was expecting, and the reduced working hours came at a cost, this eventually led me to leave a profession I had been part of for 12 years. I know I am not alone in my experience of finding it difficult to get flexible hours. But maybe a shift in attitudes is finally happening.

Flexible working hours are something that any employee can now request from their employers as long as they have 26 weeks continuous employment. The rise of new technology, like Skype, and video conferencing hosted by the likes of GoToMeeting, which allows you to simultaneously host a video meeting for up to three people, means that working from home is no longer an impossibility, even when working on important projects and with clients.  Flexible working hours, either less hours, or partially working from home, allows both parents, not just the mother, the opportunity to juggle the commitments of family life, to not have to miss out on the school run, or the Christmas play, yet again. But still being able to achieve great things in the world of work.


The evidence says that workplaces that allow flexible working hours see an increase in productivity, a decrease in workplace absences and actually find their staff to be a happier, less stressed workforce. If you are thinking of applying for flexible working hours, the infograph above gives you some information about how you can approach this with your boss. Employees have to listen to your requests and make every attempt to accommodate, so, if you think this is something that could benefit your family, now is the time to make your stand.