3 Reasons to avoid plastic surgery procedures

Many are obsessed with improving their looks and will not stop their efforts until they are successful. In fact, more and more people are choosing to alter their natural features by undergoing surgery and other life-changing therapies in an effort to be the “perfect” person. While there are beautiful models, actresses, and superstars all over the world that appear to be what society dictates as “perfect,” many forget that what makes these people perfect is the airbrushing treatments or photoshopping that has been done to photographs to make the person appear a certain way. In reality, everyone has flaws and nobody is truly perfect. This article will discuss several reasons as to why you should avoid plastic surgery procedures at all costs.

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  1. You are beautiful the way that you are. Believe it or not, many people that have gone under the knife to have a plastic surgery procedure done often go back for more procedures. The truth is that while they may have “fixed” one area that they were not happy with, there are more likely other areas that they want to be “fixed” as well. The true challenge is that the person is struggling internally with some sort of inadequate feelings and may not ever be truly happy with their body and overall appearance. The best remedy for this dilemma is not surgery, but doing some work on the inside so that the person loves who they are and can appreciate their flaws as unique traits.


  1. Health reasons. Plastic surgery procedures can be detrimental to one’s health and overall wellness. This is not discussed openly very often but there have been many instances when people have died from plastic surgery mishaps. For example, Joan Rivers died of complications due to plastic surgery which could have been easily avoided had the surgery not taken place. While not everyone experiences a health complication, it does take a significant amount of time for people to recover after having surgery. It could take several weeks to months to be back to normal and be able to be fully functional.


  1. Money. Plastic surgery can cost a great deal of money. In fact, each surgery costs thousands of dollars and can easily drain your savings. In addition to paying for the surgery, you will likely be out of work for some time which will also come at a cost. Before you determine the best course of action for beautifying yourself, consider your long term budget and how you would pay for your care if something bad was to go wrong. It is imperative to have a large chunk of money set aside so that you are prepared for anything.


There are many ways to improve your looks without having to experience plastic surgery. There are natural remedies on the market that can enhance and accentuate areas of the body so that you will be more satisfied with your looks overall. Read more about how people are choosing to enhance their bodies naturally and avoiding risky health decisions by having surgery.


Beauty By A Nose – From Quick Fixes To More Permanent Solutions

I hate my nose! There, I’ve said it. I once had a perfectly pretty, pert button nose, but a childhood accident left my with a broken nose and two black eyes. The eyes healed, but the nose remained permanently crooked, so much so that I die if anyone takes a picture of my hooky beak from the side.  I’m not particularly vain, but when it comes to my nose, the story changes completely.


Thinking of surgery?

As I’m getting older I turn my mind more and more to the idea of surgery to change the look of my nose, but also to help deal with some of the medical problems that have also now arisen.  There are plastic surgeons that can frankly work miracles when it comes to changing the look of your face, but my problem is not just linked to vanity. I struggle with sinus issues that are caused by the bump, when I get a cold it invariably leads to congestion that is harder to clear due to my nose problems. These have deteriorated recently to the extent that even Sudafed isn’t clearing it, and I often have to sleep sitting up due to the congestion. So surgery has become an option not just due to the look of my nose, but to wider health issues too.

I am currently in consultation with my doctor about the possibility of rhinoplasty on the NHS as this is a  worsening health concern, but would consider a private consultation too. It could change the quality of my life, so this is definitely something I’m thinking about.

Jennifer Grey famously had a nose job

In the meantime?

In the meantime I’m having to make do with Sudafed nasal sprays and contouring to make my nose appear slimmer. Make up, once again, can work miracles, and I saw an article featuring Instagram star Hudda Kattan that gave tips on how you can instantly slim your nose. (You can read about it here).  Sleek has some fabulous contouring kits that you can get on Amazon for less than a tenner, and then you just need to play around with the colours until you get the right balance for your skin tone.

Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit, Medium £9.80 Click to visit Amazon

What part of your body would you most like to change? Would you consider surgery, or do you make do with make up to create a smoke and mirrors cover up?

For Art or Fitness: Celebrities Who Have Made Dramatic Physical Transformations

Celebrities are well known for keeping in shape and making changes to their physiques, sometimes as a result of wanting to look better, and sometimes for a specific purpose like a movie role. Here are some of the most dramatic transformations of 2015.


Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton, star of the hit TV show The O.C., was photographed at the end of 2014 with a much larger figure than she had previously been known for. But just a few months later, she was snapped again looking completely different after shedding a lot of weight. The first photographs had snapped her dressed in gym wear, so it looks like her visits to the gym paid off.
Jake Gyllenhaal

Not all physical transformations involve losing weight. For his role in the movie Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal put on an incredible 30 pounds to play boxer Billy Hope. At one point he was working out for six hours a day to pile on the muscle—and it shows.
Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton looked almost unrecognizable when she appeared in the movie Trainwreck this year. This involved putting on some weight, and the actress also spent a number of hours applying makeup each day, and she even used a wig.

Tilda Swinton in Trainwreck

Tilda Swinton in Trainwreck

Sam Smith

Sam Smith lost a lot of weight in 2015 after working with a nutritionist who has put him onto a much healthier diet. Check out his Instagram account to see the results.
Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is another actor who made a big commitment for a movie role. Before starring in Ant-Man, Rudd stopped eating carbs and did not drink any alcohol for a year. He also started up an intense workout to get into shape for the role, and the results were clear to see.


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the youngest member of the Kardashian family, and she has been photographed looking very different lately. According to MoviePilot, she has admitted to using lip fillers, and this has played a role in changing her appearance over the last year.
Want to Make a Dramatic Physical Change Yourself?

If you want to make a big change to how you look, dieting and exercise are usually the first options. However, you may want to make changes to your appearance that are not possible through dieting alone. In this case, you may want to consider plastic surgery.

Whether it’s a rhinoplasty to change the shape of your nose, or a tummy tuck to get rid of some excess skin, speak to a professional at a surgery like KRPlasticSurgery.com and find out what your options are.
Make 2015 a Year of Change

As some of these celebrities have demonstrated, it does not always have to take a long time to make a large change to how you look. This can be the case with losing weight, and it is especially true with plastic surgery. If you want to change your appearance, consider your options and then make 2015 the year when you reach your goals.
Dr Kevin Rughe is a highly qualified Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. He is always pleased to share his thoughts and general insights with an online audience. A number of his informative articles have appeared on a selection of other relevant websites.