Friday Fashion – Pretty in Pink with Chi Chi London

A friend once set me a challenge, post a song to Facebook that I loved, beginning with the Letter P. There were a few contenders, including a lot of songs by Pulp and Parklife by Blur, but in the end I opted for a song that is not only a total classic, but is also the soundtrack to one of my fave 80s chick flicks.

Pretty in Pink is the ultimate 80s chick flick, starring the brilliant Molly Ringwald as Andie, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who attracts the attention of the lovely Andrew McCarthy as Blane (those 80s movie names). The film culminates in the prom scene, where Andie wears a pink dress – hence the title. But the dress is so god damm awful, you can’t help but wish that Andie had chosen a real ‘pretty in pink’ design from Chi Chi London!

I mean...

I mean…

Chi Chi London has been gaining a steady reputation as a place to go for a standout prom dress, the designs are beautiful and have a touch of vintage about them, but they come in a range of lengths to suit everyone, which means they can also be worn for weddings, race days and summer garden parties too.

The current collection is frothy and fabulous, and has a real emphasis on Molly Ringwald style pink shades. As a fan of pink (I don’t think you can ever have enough of it quite frankly), this collection makes me want to sing – it is just so soft and pretty. And if are a lover of pink, you are in good company, with Florence Welch, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Blake Lively all wearing the girliest (is that a word???)  of hues recently.

CHI CHI STACIA DRESS £54.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI STACIA DRESS £54.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI SERENITY DRESS £64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI SERENITY DRESS £64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI DULCE DRESS £64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI DULCE DRESS £64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Also available in a curve version – click here to see it.

CHI CHI AMYA DRESS £59.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI ADELE DRESS 64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI ADELE DRESS 64.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI KALI DRESS £67.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London

CHI CHI KALI DRESS £67.99 Click to visit Chi Chi London


Pick a Prom Dress You Can Wear Again

Let’s face it: a prom dress doesn’t have quite the same sentimental value as a wedding dress – you won’t “save it” for a potential daughter.

Where to Wear it?

A beautiful quality formal gown is not an inexpensive purchase. If you attend prom as a junior, you won’t wear it as a senior. But, if you’re going to invest a dress for what’s likely to be “the” most photographed evening of your life, you want to wear it more than once (just not at another prom, or at least, not another one at your school).

Choose Wisely

How can you choose a dress that you can wear again? There are a lot of factors to consider. Firstly, you may be surprised at the number of times when you’ll need to wear formal gear. Or, if it’s not a “need” to wear, it’s a “can” dress formally situation.

Since you’re not likely to want to wear your prom dress to graduation or any other celebrations occurring in close proximity to prom, let’s think ahead. If you’re going to college, there will be plenty of parties to attend. If you’re going to a university with a Greek system and plan to join, you’ll have more than enough occasions to wear white prom dresses by the Prom Dress Shop. You might want to wear your prom dress to future weddings you or your family might be invited to, or, more certain, a holiday event, notably, a New Year’s Eve party.

A Dress for Prom and Beyond

If you sew or are lucky enough to have easy access to a seamstress, you’re ahead of the game. You won’t have a problem altering the gown, turning it, for example, from a floor length gown to a cocktail or mini dress.

Go to Great Lengths

Here’s an example of a gorgeous dress that will wow not only your date, but all prom attendees. This Sherri Hill Dress (50255) is beautiful floor-length, and can easily continue to be worn long, or can be hemmed to a shorter length. (, $298)


Dying to Be Worn Again

(, Milano Formals Dress E1715, $258)

Even if you love your prom dress’ original color, you may feel you love the style and how your dress fits, even more. Here’s a stunning sky blue dress, ideal for a high school prom. But post-graduation, you may prefer a deeper color. We don’t recommend you do any dress dying yourself, but consider taking the dress to a professional. Of course, a professional will be able to tell you if the fabric will allow the dress to be dyed., Milano Formals Dress E1715, $258, Milano Formals Dress E1715, $258

Very Versatile

Another option to choosing a prom dress that you can wear again without any alterations. While elegant, a floor-length gown is less versatile than a cocktail length or even a mini dress. There are options that may surprise you. The first is a more expected choice – a dress that’s already either cocktail length, short, or a mini.

One style of prom dress that’s very popular now is the two-piece dress. Here are a couple of examples which will work for the next suggestion. Click here for more information on how to mix and match a two-piece dress., Sherri Hill Short Dress, Sherri Hill Short Dress

(, Sherri Hill Dress 50096, $318

(, Sherri Hill Dress 50096, $318

The latter, which is available in jade, royal and ruby and the former, the short skirt can be worn, as intended for prom.

In subsequent wear, either dress can be worn with each piece paired with a different top or skirt. For example, the beaded, cropped, cap sleeve top of the short set can be paired with a more traditional A-line skirt, long palazzo (wide) pants, long or Capri leggings or even shorts for a youthful, fun party look. The beaded halter of the long dress can also be paired with the aforementioned “bottoms.” The skirts might be paired with a long or short-sleeved cashmere sweater or plain fitted top.


You do have alternatives – you’re not renting your dress, which means it is yours to do with as you please and if you like it enough to wear to prom, you probably want to wear it for other celebrations. And now, you know how.

How to Find Prom Dresses that Both You and Mom Love

While Prom is often advertised as the biggest night in a teen girl’s life, it is almost a rite of passage and you don’t want to wear a dress that sends mixed messages. Your mom understands that and wants you to look beautiful so bring her along with you as you look for prom dresses and listen to her advice.

Tips for Finding a Prom Dress That You and Your Mom Love

Prom dresses have changed since the poufy skirts and short sleeve dresses that your mom wore in the 1980s or 1990s, but it doesn’t mean that you should totally dismiss her opinions either. After all, she’s more than likely the one footing the bill.


In addition, many modern dresses show lots of skin so you want to find quality prom dresses for 2016 that is a balance of what’s appropriate to show at a school dance versus what appears as trashy. If you are unsure, use these tips as a guide.

  1. Begin by checking your school’s dress code. Schools are becoming stricter and may be even harder to please than your mom. If you’re clear on what the school regulations are, it becomes easier to negotiate with your mom when you see the dress of your dreams.

For instance, is your high school super strict on skin showing and won’t allow back-less prom dresses or deep-plunging necklines or are they more lenient as long as key body parts are covered up.

  1. Consider selecting a few prom dresses that you really like and ask your mom to choose a few that she thinks would look flattering on you. Once you have a selection of five or six dresses, try them on and see which cuts and styles look flattering on you and that you both like.
  2. Decide what kind of statement you want to make. If you want a different kind of prom dress, consider looking at the huge selection of Quinceanera dresses by Peaches Boutique that feature high-low designs because you’ll have the traditional long dress with a trendier shorter skirt in front to give definition to your legs.  You may also opt to choose a dress with small cut-outs or a partial open back with a mesh covering.  Choose if you want a bolder, sexier color like a fire engine red or a soft romantic pink if that’s more your style.


  1. Check that your prom dress covers key body parts, most importantly your breasts and your bottom, as you don’t want to be pulling and tugging on either end of the dress throughout the dance. Do the finger-tip test, where you check that the length of your skirt is longer than your fingertips, which is usually at least 17 inches from the waistline.
  2. Find a compromise. If your dress features a deep plunging neckline, wear a sheer shawl over it. Likewise, if your dress is super short, consider wearing patterned tights as one of your accessories and finish the look with open-toe sandals.


Remember that as you choose your prom dress, not only will your mom see your dress, but your dad as well, and the entire rest of your family as the photos are gushed over. You do want to wear something they’ll be proud to gush over, right?