Check out these amazing Hush Puppies from Schuh

Hands up if you’ve heard of Hush Puppies? I can bet that almost all of you reading this are holding your arm aloft in the air as we speak. Hush Puppies are a British institution, having been established in 1958, and still going strong almost 55 years later. But for all of you imagining some geeky science teacher in her lace ups, or, perish the thought, Barbara Woodhouse shouting sit in her sensible skirt and Hush Puppies (shudders!), you may be in for the most pleasant of suprises.

Because Hush Puppies have seen a style revolution in recent years, and have emerged with some seriously stylish contemporary looks. Funky sandals, gorgeously floral wedges, and Mary Janes that would have Alexa Chung salivating all make up part of the latest collection. These shoes are pretty, practical and highly covetable. In short, your wardrobe needs them badly, and because they retain that same level of quality and comfort that has been a trademark of Hush Puppies for a number of years, your feet will thank you too.

The best place to look for your Hush Puppies is High Street giant Schuh. The reason? They have a great deal of Hush Puppies designs that are exclusive to Schuh, and offer free delivery options too. They also have some amazing sale bargains at the moment that are just too good to miss.

Need further convincing? Here are some of my current favourites from the range.

Womens Hush Puppies Freya High Heels £60 

Womens Hush Puppies Amour Sling Floral Sandals 

Womens Hush Puppies Faith Sandals 

Womens Hush Puppies Faith Snake Sandals 

Womens Hush Puppies Shelagh High Heels 

Womens Hush Puppies Janessa Floral Flats 




Super success for the Schuh and Newlife collaboration.

Remember in May I told you about the super scheme running between Schuh and Newlife? To refresh your memory, this was the scheme that encouraged ‘Kind Soles’ to donate their old, unwanted and unloved shoes to 6 Schuh stores nationwide. In return for their shoes, fashionistas would receive a £10 voucher that could be put towards a new pair of shoes! The shoes were then passed onto Newlife to be resold and recycled.

The scheme ran from 21st May to 26th June. The amazing news is that nearly 6,000 pairs of shoes were donated. This was more than double the amount donated in a similar initiative that was trialed in Sunderland last year, raising a total of nearly £4,700 to support disabled and terminally ill children across the UK.

Colin Brown, operations Director Newlife Trading

This is fantastic news for Newlife,  who provide a range of specialist equipment and care to sick children all across the country. The equipment needed doesn’t come cheap, here are some examples of the cost of equipment that can enhance the life of those Newlife work so hard to support.

Powered wheelchair: £2,500 – £20,000

Safespace: £2,500 – £10,000

Specialist bed: £250 – £8,000

Buggy: £180 – £3,500

Specialist car seat: £400 – £2,500

Sheila Brown, OBE, said: “This is a fantastic result. We were pleased with last year’s result but this year’s initiative has blown us away. These valuable funds will help to fund vital equipment grants for families in need. Last year Newlife awarded £1.2million in grants to more than 15,500 children across the UK but we need to top that up in the coming months to meet the increased demands from families. Schuh’s generous support is integral to our ability to do this. Enquiries to our Nurse Helpline have shot up by a staggering 73 per cent compared to this time last year and we have an average of 300 calls a week, with thousands more hits on our website.

Well done  to everyone who donated shoes to this vital campaign. If you are interested in finding out more about Newlife, please visit the link below.

Information on the charity can be found at or the trading company at  For further advice from the Newlife Nurse Services, call 0800 902 0095.



Newlife and Schuh team up again for ‘Sell your Soles’.

Do you remember last year when I told you all about the collaboration between Schuh and Newlife, the leading children’s disability charity? To recap, you could take your old shoes into the Sunderland branch of Schuh, who would exchange them for a £10 voucher. The old shoes were then donated to Newlife, who would either sell them or recycle them to raise much needed funds for life saving equipment and support for sick and terminally ill children across the Uk.

The scheme proved to be amazingly successful, with 3,000 pairs of shoes being donated in a four week period. So, the scheme is now being rolled out again and this time stores in more areas are involved. From 21st May to 26th June you can take your old shoes into Schuh branches inAberdeen, Stirling, Belfast, Peterborough, Cheltenham and the Eldon Square Branch in Newcastle.

There is no limit to how many pairs of shoes you can donate, although only one voucher can be used per purchase over £30. The voucher is redeemable until 21st August, so you have plenty of time to treat yourself once you have cleared out all those old, unloved and unworn shoes.

Newlife CEO Sheila Brown, OBE, urged shoppers to step lively before the offer ends. She said: “Last year’s promotion raised valuable funds for the charity, helping to fund vital equipment grants for families in need. Overall last year Newlife awarded £1.2million in grants to more than 15,500 children across the UK but we are aware that we must top that in the coming months if we are to meet increased demand. Schuh’s generous support is integral to our ability to do this.


“Enquiries to our Nurse helpline shot up by a staggering 86 per cent in the first eight weeks of this financial year, compared with the same period in 2010. We have an average of 300 calls a week, with thousands more hits on the charity’s website


She added: “The equipment we provide isn’t necessarily the Rolls Royce of its type; often it is just the basic model to meet complex needs. Without Newlife – and your help – our most vulnerable children won’t even be getting access to the basics.”

So, what are you waiting for? Get sorting through your shoe clutter and get down to Schuh pronto. To wet your appetite, have a look at the gorgeous shoes you could be spending your voucher on.

RED OR DEAD Paloma shoes from Schuh

Garda wedges from Schuh

Clara shoes from Schuh

To watch  a video containing more info, follow the link below.