Four Reasons to Love the Sneaker Trend

For anybody who loves to be stylish and comfortable at the same time, the latest trend of pairing sneakers with everything has to have come as a breath of fresh air. No longer do you need to worry about aching feet after a long day of wearing heels or tight-fitting boots; simply stick on your favorite sneakers and you’re good to go and will look bang on trend too!

Sneakers are comfortable, practical, and now they’re one of the leading styles in everyday footwear that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Here are just some of the best reasons to love the sneaker craze!

Reason #1. Comfort:

Sneakers are the most comfortable type of footwear that you’ll own, maybe aside from your slippers. They’re designed to support and cushion your feet, which is why they’re generally worn for going to the gym and taking part in other athletic activities. The good news here is that when you’re wearing sneakers for fashion too, it’s not just everyday comfort that you can enjoy – you’ll be less likely to suffer foot-related problems such as bunions or crooked toes later down the line, (check this doctor recommended shoes for bunions), since you’ll be wearing a pair of comfortable, sensible, and fashionable shoes – finally, they exist!


Reason #2. Choice:

With celebrities everywhere endorsing the sneaker trend – think Kanye West and Yeezy sneakers – tons of other popular footwear brands have followed suit. Of course, there are the long-standing sneaker leaders in the industry, such as New Balance, Converse and Vans – and many other footwear brands are now branching out to include sneakers in their range too, making sure that they get their place on the bandwagon.

So, if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers to add to your collection, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. Do you want dark, light, or pastel colours? Plain or patterned? Hi-tops or low? Leather, canvas, or even suede? The choice is all yours.

Reason #3. Versatility:

Thanks to the latest fashion trends that combine style with comfort and practicality, the good news is that sneakers will go with just about anything. Pair them with your jeans for your morning class, wear them to work, or even with a dress for a more comfortable night out – fashion dictates that almost anything goes when it comes to wearing sneakers these days, which is great news for anybody who enjoys wearing them. Along with that, the fact that sneakers are so versatile means that you can effortlessly swap between outfits without worrying about your shoes – heading to the gym? No need to worry, the sneakers you wore for class today will do just fine.

Reason #4. Affordability:

As with all popular fashion trends, brands cater for all different price ranges so there’s no need to worry when it comes to buying sneakers, as it doesn’t matter whether you have a little or a lot to spend – there’s sure to be a fashionable choice available for you. You can even find some seriously stylish unbranded sneakers that nobody will ever know you didn’t spend much on.

Why do you love wearing sneakers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

2011 – The year of the Sneaker.

The sun is out, the skies are blue, and whatever you usually wear on your feet, this Summer is most definitely the season of the sneaker!

Sneaker mania is suddenly visible everywhere, with the new craze creeping upon us, feet first! A global sneaker movement has been gaining momentum, through artwork, online discussions, and  unbelievable stunts designed to catch the public eye. Footlocker has long celebrated this global phenomenon, in it’s most recent ad campaign it celebrated the Sneaker movement and its devotees,  and now it has set up ‘It’s a sneaker thing’, an online portal that enables sneaker lovers to view, enjoy and share all sorts of things sneaker related. You can enjoy the Celebrity Sneaker Stalker who seeks out the rich and famous sneaker wearers at all the coolest events including the Summer Jam Hip Hop Fest in New York, admire amazing pieces of true sneaker art produced through the Sneaker Hub and Nike. There are sneaker discussion groups who chat about their favoured footwear, whilst J’Field Neo shows if his amazing custom inspired sneakers inspired by the Marvel comics Superhero Iron Man.

There are sneaker wearing vicars who wear  their sneakers whilst conducting wedding ceremonies, whilst in Milan there is a crazy sneaker streaker, who ran across a Piazza wearing little more than his sneakers and a smile! It’s a sneaker thing has a devoted Twitter following, and a Facebook page where people are encouraged to share their sneaker stories and experiences by Footlocker.

Heroes are emerging of this new sneaker movement. Adam Smith has emerged as an unlikely figurehead to the Sneaker movement following his hilarious You Tube stance, when he decided that he would rather renounce his suit and office job rather than his treasured sneakers after he was told not to wear them again to work as they were not appropriate office attire.(see the clip here)  In Paris, artist Nico has inspired many with his ‘sneakerfication’ of important buildings and monuments with brightly coloured laces, including the Pompidou Centre and Montmatre. (see below and more images available at Flickr /photos/61966921@N03/ )

So – how can you get involved with this movement? Make sure you visit ‘the Footlocker Portal ‘It’s a sneaker thing’ to keep up-to-date with all things trainer related. You can also join the Facebook group to read sneaker stories and add your own experiences to the Sneakerhead journal. Wear those pumps with pride and take photos wherever you go to create your own global sneaker story. 2011 is the year of the sneaker – make sure you are part of it!

It’s a Sneaker Thing
Sneaker Movement

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