Yondi Pillows for Big Kids

For many children, long car journeys are the perfect opportunity to have a nap. A mixture of tiredness, bored over endless traffic jams on the UKs motorways and sometimes the heat of the car make it very hard for kids to stay awake. Unfortunately, this can lead to situations of sore neck, with heads lolling to one side for want of something more comfortable than the average car back seat.

So I personally think that the latest invention from Trunki, the Yondi Pillow for big kids, is a great, practical idea that may make journeys a more comfortable for little ones. The Yondi pillow is a soft neck pillow that is secured by hidden magnets. The pillow secures the head whilst your child sleeps, so the head is not lolling from side to side. The fabric is soft and comforting, and I love the fact that each Yondi is also an animal, so children can choose their favourite, and they can double for a cuddly friend too.


Yondi Panda – Pablo £14.99 click to visit Trunki


The magnetic paws

We were sent Pablo Panda to review on our recent trips to Wales, and Joe instantly fell in love with it. On our car journeys to Mid Wales we often have a lunch stop, so the trips can take around 4 hours, sometimes more, from leaving the house. Joe often has a snooze mid way, but he also enjoyed using the pillow when he was awake just to make the car more comfortable.


Joe with his Yondi Pillow


Testing it out in Wales.


The Yondi was a great fit without being too tight around the neck. It was warm without making the neck sweat, and when Joe did drop off to sleep he slept well for at least a couple of hours with the pillow. His body still dropped to the side as it always does, but his neck was offered some protection from getting stiff and sore.



I think a Yondi would be great for using during flights too, especially long haul ones. The clip for attaching a blanket would be a useful for combating the chill that is often felt on aeroplanes. We will be taking this with us when we jet off on our Summer holidays.

To view all varieties of Trunki Yondi pillows, click here.

*We were gifted a Yondi Pillow for Joe to review.


Reviewed – PaddlePak by Trunki

I have been a fan of the Trunki brand ever since I saw the first little suitcase on wheels. It was perfect, a storage space that could also double as a ride on toy or a seat for your little one. Trunki’s are both lightweight and durable, they provide a great travel option for those with young children, and they are a whole lot of fun too. But what about for the slightly older children? Those who are now going back to school, or having swimming lessions? Or maybe those who just have an independent streak and want to carry their own bags. Does the Trunki brand have anything suitable for them? The answer is an emphatic yes. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the PaddlePak.

The Paddlepak is a lightweight, water resistant backpack with an under the sea design theme. With adjustable shoulder straps, high visibility reflective trim and with a range of small pockets and hanging loops, they are just perfect for children who are no longer babies, but still love items that are cute and fun.

 PaddlePak Shark - Fin PaddlePak, Splash-proof pal for any adventure £24.99 click to visit Trunki

PaddlePak Shark – Fin
PaddlePak, Splash-proof pal for any adventure
click to visit Trunki

Trunki very kindly offered Joe the opportunity to review a Paddlepak, and he chose the Fin the Shark design (pictured above) with no hesitation. The minute it was out of the bag, he was already asking if he could take it to school to show his friends – instantaneous approval from the boy. (School doesn’t restart until tomorrow, but the answer was yes!).





We are already really impressed by our Paddlepak, and for a number of reasons. For a start, it’s a shark. Joe is currently a little obsessed with sharks (I blame his dad and Shark Week), and with the design incorporating a fin and a great neoprene tail that also serves as an extra pocket, this really does have the appearance of a shark. No wonder Joe loves it so much.




Another thing that is great about the Paddlepak is just how lightweight it is – there is literally no weight to this bag, and so it is comfortable to be carried on your child’s back, with a soft mesh underside that adds to the comfort levels. That said,it is not lacking in space. It can easily accommodate a swimming towel and costume, along with cap and goggles etc for use for swimming sessions, and the fact that the bag is water resistant makes it a good option as a swimming bag – no more dripping all over the car.



I really like the way the bag securely closes, with a roll top feature and an easy to use safety clip. This is taking the ideas used in adult backpacks and making them child friendly. Joe could easily fasten this bag, but often struggles with zips and buckle closures, again the Paddlepak is a great help for those developing their independence.  There is also a hook on the back of the bag which will enable it to sit easily on a school peg.

The Paddlepak is fabulous, Joe loves it, and I love it too, it is just so practical, but with a great element of fun in the design. Prices start at £9.99 for the Jellyfish grab bag, with the Shark design costing £24.99.


*We were sent a Paddlepak for review – all opinions are my own (and Joe’s.)