A wedding is one event that every woman looks forward to and in which she ensures that she looks fabulous and flawless. Unfortunately, sometimes the ideal wedding dress may cost a fortune, a figure that many may not be able to afford. It is however very possible to have that ideal look while staying within a budget by purchasing a simple wedding dress and adding some enhancements. Below are some tips that can be used to achieve the desired wedding look by using simple, elegant & casual wedding dresses as well as a few accessories which will help a bride feel totally graceful and beautiful on that special day.


  1. Add some jewellery

The right kind of jewellery can go a long way in making a simple wedding dress look absolutely elegant and classy. Given the fact that the wedding dress does not have too much detail, it is best to go with a chunky piece of jewellery that will complement the dress. It is crucial to pay attention to the necklines in order to ensure that your pair the right dress with the right necklace. For a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, it is best to wear a statement necklace in order to complete the look. For a V-neckline, wear a pendant which happens to be the same shape as the neckline.

  1. Consider the material of the dress

Wedding dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. In order to make a simple wedding dress elegant and classy, consider adding a few flattering patterns to your dress using different materials. For example, you may include a slit along the side of a silk dress or a flowery lace material at the back of the dress in order to create a flattering, peep-through appearance. Consider materials that suit your body shape as well as materials that help to hide your flaws.

  1. Choose the right veil

The right wedding veil will help to enhance the appearance of a wedding dress in a major way. A simple wedding dress provides the bride with an opportunity to be adventurous with the type of veil she would like. In order to create balance, a simple wedding dress should be paired with a veil that has a lot of beautiful embellishments which help to complete the whole ensemble. A few veil ideas to choose from include cathedral-length veils which are suitable for any height or the birdcage types of veils that make any dress pop and look fresh and elegant. Consider a veil with floral patterns or embroidery as well as one with beads, crystals, or pearls in order to create a classy look to your wedding gown.

  1. Accessorize

Invest in a set of earrings that you can wear on the wedding day, paying attention to the type of hairstyle you will be having. Include some hair pieces that may have colored jewels or flowers. You may also invest in hairpins, combs, or hair vines and ensure that your hair jewelry matches the rest of your jewels on your wedding dress.


Rose Willett Designs – The Blossoms Collection

Rose Willett is fast becoming the go-to designer when it comes to beautiful bridal headbands and jewellery. The award winning designer created the stunning piece that model Georgia Horsley wore when she married Danny Jone of McFly, which was heavily featured in Hello magazine. Now Rose has launched her latest collection, The Blossoms, which is perfect for brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests who want to make a beautiful impact.


Rosie Willett is a fashion phenomenon. Her wedding tiaras and hair accessories are much sought after and regularly selected appear in magazines like ‘Brides’, ‘You and Your Wedding’ and Wedding Ideas.  As well as creating the exquisite Georgia wedding hair vine , Rosie has also designed a number of pieces for television, including Coronation Street and Hollyoaks.

Rosie’s latest collection, once again, showcases her talent and the inspiration she finds for her designs in nature. The Blossoms Collection is reminiscent of wandering plants and twisting vines, which come in the form of hair vines that can drape down the back of your hair, and combs and headbands which can work with both long and shorter hairstyles. The collection was inspired by the headpiece that Rosie designed and created for her own wedding, so is clearly a label of love.

Azalea |£144 Click to visit Rosie Willett designs

Azalea |£144 Click to visit Rosie Willett designs

April £151 Click to visit Rosie Willett designs

April £151 Click to visit Rosie Willett designs

Rosie’s designs use a host of precious and semi precious stones, including Mother of Pearl flowers, freshwater pearl and clusters of Swarovski crystal, this gives them a beautiful vintage feel and makes them perfect to match with pretty much any wedding dress. These are romantic, almost ethereal designs that would be the ultimate finishing touch to any wedding outfit, but I also think you could wear something like this to a garden party, prom or Summer ball to great effect.

Honey £177 Click to visit Rosie Willett

Honey £177 Click to visit Rosie Willett

To view the complete Blossoms collection, click here.