Choosing The Perfect Wedding Favours

Unless you have been nicely nestled and living under a rock, it won’t have escaped your notice that there is a rather special event taking place next week Saturday (and no, I’m not talking about the FA Cup, although, with the rather delectable Olivier Giroud playing for Chelsea, that will be pretty unmissable too.). No, I am, of course, talking about the royal wedding, with the lovely Meghan Markle about to make an honest woman of everyone’s favourite Prince, Harry. As with all royal nuptials, the upcoming wedding is increasing interest in anything to do with weddings, from the dress and flowers, to everything else in between.

One thing that has grown in popularity in recent years has been wedding favours, the little gifts that are given to guests by the bride and groom. These can be presented as part of the table setting if their is a sit down meal, or can be handed out by the bridesmaids, or placed on a dedicated table where guests can collect one. Wedding favours are one of the finishing touches that add another dimension of style to your classic wedding, something that can reflect the style and personality of the bride and groom.

Favours in the Past

Wedding favours are not a new thing, believing to date back to the 16th century when they took the form of a love knot and were considered to bring good luck to the happy couple. As a child I seemed to be attending a wedding every week and clearly remember favours in the form of a book of matches, tastefully packaged in a card that matched the wedding invites, and with the date of the wedding embossed on the back. With smoking now frowned upon in most places, and with the rise of vaping, matches have fallen out of favour as a wedding favour.


One form of favour that has a long history, but still works well in modern times is bonboniere. My husband is Italian, so I first become familiar with this form of cheap wedding favours through my mother-in-law, who would create these favours for family weddings. Her form of bonboniere was made using organza and net, cut into shape using pinking shears. Pretty coloured sugared almonds were placed inside the bag, which was then secure with silk ribbon to create a pretty bag effect.

Bonboniere are great handmade wedding favours as they can be made to match your wedding colour scheme and look great as part of your table arrangements, and are relatively inexpensive. The sugared almonds can be replaced with a wrapped chocolate if you are giving them to children too.

If you don’t want to make your own favours, then the chocolate or almonds could also be placed in a small box that could then be displayed on the side plate. Many companies will sell small keepsake boxes in bulk, and again these can be personalised with the name of the bride and groom, and the date of the wedding.


Another wedding favour that I received at a wedding and thought was a very stylish idea was a small, scented candle. These were given to just female guests and again made use of organza, this time a small drawstring bag.

The fragrance of the candle was one of the bride’s favourites, and a little note was attached saying we hope you enjoy burning the candle and remember sharing our lovely day. I thought this was a lovely touch, and by giving them just to female guests, you would be able to keep the cost down.

Rustic Style Wedding Favours

Jam Jars and Mason Jars are becoming quite a trend for those who have planned a more rustic style wedding. These can be used in many different ways, to holding candles on the tables (I know a friend who spent months covering the jars with glitter for just this purpose.) A recent wedding I went to used pretty looking jam jars as sweetie jars as a form of wedding favour. They had a table covered in old style sweets and chocolates, and jam jars for each guest, complete with names on old style luggage tags.  Guests were then invited to go to the sweet table and fill their jars with their favourites.

I loved this idea as it worked for all guests, adults and children alike, and it was just so charming and lovely.

If sweets are not your thing, popcorn in a personalised box could be a tasty alternative.

Did you have any wedding favours at your wedding? What did you have?



Taking a look at ‘Wrapped for You’

If you are looking for special treats and memento’s for a special family occasion, you need to take a look at ‘Wrapped for You‘.  The company, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is a leading light in the world of chocolate favours. It creates beautiful chocolate treats for every special occasion, from weddings and christenings, to hen parties and Holy Communions. And with options to create your own treats by uploading your own images, these are truly personalised memories that you will make any special occasion even more special.

slide5On Sunday I was honoured to be Godmother at my niece’s Christening. This little girl is very special to me, so, of course, I got her a very special gift, but I also wanted to add something to the Christening after-party. The treats from Wrapped for you proved to be just perfect. Even though I was a little late in sending through my specifications, Kerry was very helpful in making sure the treats came through in time.


With the special little lady herself.

DSCN9092 The favours were a very pretty pink and white colour. On the front there was Renee’s name and the date of the Christening, on the back there was a message – ‘thank you for sharing my special day’. Each favour was a dark chocolate with a mint flavour – they tasted absolutely delicious and were a big hit on the day, especially with the children in attendance.


Perfect to place on the table at a special occasion.

DSCN9094The chocolates start from as little as 25p and you can order as many as you want. Each chocolate has a shelf life of at least 12months from the date of order, and, as an extra special touch, a special keepsake chocolate comes gift wrapped with the order, so you have something to keep in your child’s memory box. If you want to further personalise by using your own photograph or image, there is an option to use your own photo or design for as little as 22p.

DSCN9083With wondeful products, great customer service and really reasonable prices, I would recommend Wrapped for You for anyone with a special occasion coming up where you would like a special memento for everyone to keep.

New wedding favours will Help Harry Help Others

In the last few years the wedding favours market has really taken off in a big way. As a woman married to an Italian man I was fully versed with the importance of ‘Bomboniere’, the small gifts that are given to guests on the occasion of your wedding. But now it seems that every wedding has a special treat for guests, often placed on the dining tables next to name cards and Champagne glasses. Wedding Favours are always a real thrill to both give and receive, but what if I said there was now a range of very special wedding favours that not only look beautiful, and are inexpensive, but are also raising money for an exceptional cause.

The Help Harry Help Others charity, set up to continue the work of Harry Moseley, the brave 11 year old who pioneered the Harry bracelet scheme, but sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2011, has decided to turn Harry’s bracelets into wedding favours which can be personalised to match any colour scheme. The handmade bracelets cost £2 each, and can include beautiful pearl style beads that are just so elegant and absolutely perfect to compliment any wedding scheme.

Harry’s mom, Georgie, sums up why this is such a good idea. She explains: “Harry always enjoyed bringing smiles to people’s faces and he couldn’t think of a happier time than at someone’s wedding.
On such an amazing day what better gift to give your loved ones than something not only totally unique but also something that you and your guests know will help make a real difference to the lives of families
going through their own cancer journey. “

The handmade bracelets cost £2 each, including postage and packaging. To order or find out more tel: 0121 244 6149, email or  you can visit
You can donate £5 to Help Harry Help Others by texting HARRY to 70800