Make plans for the new year, not resolutions.

Every year, millions of us start the New Year by making resolutions that we then break within a few days.  Whether it be to stop smoking, lose weight or get fit, it seems that all those good intentions start with promise, and more often than not, end in failure. So this year, why not do something different. Rather than challenging ourselves to stop doing something, which is ultimately a negative and is reactive, why not challenge yourself to start something, to do something that is pro-active – a positive.

Here are a few suggestions for challenges that you just might stick too.

Take up a pastime that gets you outdoors

Winter is a time when we spend far too much of our free time inside, with duvet days being a favoured pastime for many. But fresh air, and crisp winters day which give us a dose of our Vitamin D, are all good things that aid our wellbeing, so look for a hobby that gets you outside. Fishing is a hobby that allows you to relax, spend quality time outside and get a real sense of achievement, even if (like my hubby) you always put the fish back. Nowadays this is an easier hobby to start as you can get all your equipment in one place from companies like Wet Wellies. Don’t just think that this is a pastime for men, models Christie Brinkley and Miranda Kerr, as well as Paris Hilton, have all instagrammed their adventures in fishing.


Read More Books

Reading is the path to everything, to enlightenment and knowledge, and to relaxation. Most of us probably don’t read as much as we’d like to, or that we should. Taking part in the Goodreads reading challenge is a good way to keep yourself reading throughout the year. You say how many books you would like to read, and then update your challenge with details of the books you have read. You can also review – from a simple star review to a more detailed write-up. Last year I achieved my challenge to read 50 books, so this year I have increased it to 55.

My current reading list

My current reading list

Improve something that you like to do

Self improvement can never be a bad thing, so if you like to dance, why not take up dancing classes? You can do this for so many things – from cupcake classes for those who like to bake, sports clubs for novices, to, my personal pick, photography courses that range from advanced skills, to helping you create great Instagram pictures.  2017 could be the year you take your passion, and become something of an expert in your chosen field.

Did you set any goals or resolutions this year?