Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Students

Throughout their lifetime, your child is going to meet a wide variety of people, each with different backgrounds and stories to tell. With that said, it’s important for children to learn to respect those around them; an ability that they are unfortunately not born with but must learn as they go through life. Taunton School have the following tips for parents who want to teach their children to respect their peers.

Parents should always lead by example when trying to teach their kids a model way of behaving. If they hear you making racist or sexist comments, even if they are said as a joke, they will grow up to think those comments are true. Again, if they hear you shouting or swearing at someone, they will think its acceptable behaviour and do the same. Try to display patience and kindness around your children so they pick up good habits.

Another way to teach your child something is to reprimand them when they do something wrong. Where respect is concerned, if you see your child behaving unreasonably towards someone, be sure to explain to them how and why their behaviour is unacceptable. Stopping disrespectful behaviour at a young age will help encourage good morals and values in your child as they grow up. You should also be sure to reward your child when they are behaving appropriately and using the correct manners.

From a young age, it’s important for your child to learn about other types of people, in terms of race, religion, gender, class etc. Explain to them that everyone is unique and people behave and believe in different things, but that we should treat everyone as equal. When your child meets other students at school who are different to them, they will be respectful to them nonetheless.

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