Making the Most of A Garden Room

Once upon a time, if you had any sort of wooden building in your garden, there was every chance that it would be a shed. It would be used purely for storage, and would literally be a place that you would use to dump anything that had nowhere else to live. Useful, yes, but coveted as an extension of your home space – not really.

But now things couldn’t be more different, as wooden garden rooms become more popular, bespoke and luxurious. Created to your plans and your needs by companies like Solid Sheds, these garden rooms both extend your home space, and also take your home into your garden, giving you a beautiful cohesive way to link home and garden.

Garden Rooms can be used in any way that you wish, either as a space to relax and unwind, a space to work, even as a playroom for your children or grandchildren. You can even pick up ex display models at a huge discount at places like Scotts.

Here are some great uses for a Garden Room.

Garden Office

For many people, working from home is a dream that cannot be made a reality due to a lack of working space at home. Having a home office can mean losing a room, and if you have a growing family, this can be impossible, but an office shed could totally be a solution.

A garden office can give you the space that you need, and keep all those important files away from young hands. Insulation, cladding and PVC double glazing and electric packages can make the space warm and cosy, and you could make the room bespoke by choosing the size to suit the garden space you have available.

Somewhere to relax

Another use of your garden room could be similar to a conservatory, in that it is a room in which to enjoy your garden, to read and relax, and maybe even to entertain when you are having Summer barbecues and cocktails.

Using your garden room in this way means you can make the most of the outdoors during Winter, by being in the garden, but not actually outdoors.

A Playroom

If you have a growing family, but very little indoor space for the children to play in, then a garden room could also be utilised as a play room, where additional toys could be stored and used.

A garden play room could be used for table football or a dolls house, and could grow with your kids, as they get older they could use it as a personal space to take friends, listen to music, play darts etc. This makes it a worthwhile, long term investment.

Would you consider a garden room?

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