Creating A Dream Garden Space For Your Children

So you have the dream house, and now it’s time to turn you attention to the garden, and, more specifically, to create the garden of your kids dreams. A little investment in your garden space can actually help you save a lot of money during the school holidays as you have the perfect space to have picnics, spend time playing, and to invite your children’s friends over to enjoy play dates.

If you have a good stretch of healthy lawn, that is a brilliant start, but what else is worth adding that will give your children hours of fun and enjoyment.

Some Play Apparatus

Whether you opt for some sort of slide, or choose kids swing sets, apparatus in your garden are the source of hours of fun. Use a company like Wicken Toys to choose apparatus that is safe, durable and good quality and this will ensure that you get Summer after Summer’s worth of enjoyment. You do not need a huge garden in order to have swings and slides, just make a note of the maximum amount of space you have in order to get the right pieces to suit your space.

A Paddling Pool

A quick piece of advice. If you are planning to get a paddling pool, do it now, before the weather turns really warm, because then you won’t get one for love nor money. All kids love splashing around in a pool once the weather is warm, and the great news is that, these days you can get brilliant, family sized pools which you can all enjoy together. Big water pistols and items like watering cans and containers can add to the pool fun.

Make sure you clean the pool out thoroughly and store it carefully after use, or else, like me, you could find it full of holes when you try to use it again.

Goals or Nets

Most children enjoy a ball game of some sort, so a goal, or a basketball net can be another fun idea to have in your garden. If you are lacking in room, you could opt for a collapsible, foldaway goal that can then be stored, with more space you can have something that is more permanent.

A Sand And Water Play Pit or Table

From my own personal experience, sand and water play is always very popular. This could be in the form of a pit in which the child sits and plays, or, if you are lacking space, a play table can combine both the sand and water elements and take up very little room.


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