Ted Baker’s Sweet Shoppe – So sweet and Tempting

I’ve been a huge fan of the Ted Baker Sweet Shoppe since it was launched as a pop-up shop in my local Selfridges in Birmingham. The cute and, well, really sweet, collection of bags, shoes and accessories appealed to the girlie side in me. I loved the sherbet colours that truly reminded me of the sweet shops I loved when I was a little girl, with rhubarb and custard and lemon drops in large glass jars, just waiting to be weighed and then poured into paper bags. This was both high fashion and nostalgia, and for that I was hooked.

Last week I succumbed to temptation and got one of the tote bags from the latest range, in the softest baby pink shade.  Now, this is not the sort of bag I usually buy, heading more towards slouchy leather in general. But I just love this bag. It wipes clean, it’s waterproof, it’s just so pretty. It also holds loads of my stuff, and has a handle that actually sits on my shoulder, rather than one which requires me to hold it in the crook of my arm (a pet hate when you carry as much stuff as I do!).

There are just so many lovely pieces in the current Sweet Shoppe collection that it is going to be very difficult to stop at one bag. This collection is just so sunshine that it totally jazzes up any outfit you pair it with, and brightens the day too.

Here are some of the other pieces I have my eye on – anything in yellow is an absolute MUST!

MARQUEZ - Quilted mini bowler - £99 click to visit Ted Baker

TATTON - Colour block shopper - £129 click to visit Ted Baker

BIGCON - Bow shopper bag - £39 click to visit Ted Baker

KATIENT - Make up bag with small bow - £22 click to visit Ted Baker

RIKA - Enamel bobble matinee - £75 click to visit Ted Baker

CHITOU - Treasured orchid scarf - £59 click to visit Ted Baker

SVANA - Peep toe platform - £110 click to visit Ted Baker

POODLE - Balloon dog necklace - £49 click to visit Ted Baker


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