Teksta T-Rex – possibly the perfect pet!

He walks, he roars. He chews his bone and then happily burps and then chews some more. He can launch his bone into the air, and responds when you stroke his face. He can do all of this, yet never wrecks the Christmas tree, leaves a mess on the carpet, or requires vets bills. Yes, the Teksta T-Rex may just be the best pet you could buy.

Teksta T-Rex £60 click to visit Debenhams

Teksta T-Rex £60 click to visit Debenhams

The Teksta T-Rex is a gorgeous white and red robotic dinosaur which responds to your voice, actions, motions, lights and sounds in order to perform a series of actions. Easy to programme using the two mode buttons on the top of his head, you can programme the dinosaur to have a conversation, or perform a song or dance routine. If you want your T-Rex to do even more, you can download a free app to your Apple iPad or tablet of Android device.

We were sent a Teksta T-Rex to review, but Joe has not been able to play with the toy yet due to a nasty dose of tonsillitis that has seen him have a stay in hospital. However, he has a love of dinosaurs at the moment, along with a love of robots, so I know this is the perfect gift for a little boy aged almost 6 (14 days and counting!). It is easy to use and gives children the independence of being able to decide exactly what their ‘pet’ does. Plus, this is a toy that is also able to show and convey emotion through his eyes, responding to affection and petting in a happy way, but growning and changing the eye pattern when being ignored – this is a great way to get children to think about real pets, and also about how they treat friends in real life.


Different eye expressions from the Teksta T-Rex

The T-Rex takes 4 AA batteries and is recommended for children aged 5+.

I think it is a fabulous toy that encourages independence as well as lots of fun. The fact that you can increase the list of things that the T-Rex can do with your ipad or android phone is an added bonus that just adds to the experience of this toy.

*We were sent a Teksta T-Rex in return for a review.

4 thoughts on “Teksta T-Rex – possibly the perfect pet!

  1. Aww, I hope Joe gets better soon. At least he has this awesome toy to look forward to. We used to have a Pio-Chi. Do you remember those? Not as cool as this guy though!

  2. That looks amazing! I have to buy some thing for my 3 year old boy and I cant decide, as he literally likes every thing. He has a switch & go dino, but this looks better!

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