The best outfit choices to flaunt your curves in winter 2019

Now, when it comes to winter, you may instinctively want to cover yourself up because you’re not only freezing cold but you genuinely don’t know how to really style a winter outfit. When you think about winter fashion, you tend to think about woolly jumpers, fleecy coats, big boots and any sort of gloves, scarves or hats. But you don’t have to sacrifice your fashion for the sake of keeping warm. Instead, combine them both together and make sure that your winter look for 2019 is just as stylish as the rest of your looks throughout the previous year. Here is how you can retain your style even though the coldest period.

Long-Sleeved Midi Dresses

Now, this is an extremely fancy choice for any sort of party or work outfit. The best thing about midi dresses is that they practically hug your body and highlight your beautiful waist. Not only that but you can practically pair them with anything. That means you literally have on a simple pair of fuzzy leggings, boots and a belt and you will look perfect! A midi dress will keep heat in on their own due to the long sleeves and warm material. So, all you need to do is pair them with something eye-catching like a leather jacket or trench coat. Just remember to pick a midi dress with a cinched waist. That way people can see your beautiful figure.

Gothic Floral Fur

If you don’t feel comfortable about showing off your body, and don’t worry there are literally some marylebone escorts that literally prefer highlighting their curves through the right fabrics, then why not go with a gothic floral fur trend? These full-length dresses go with a gothic baroque theme with materials like velvet and shiny fabric. They normally have pictures of flowers or patterns on the material but if you go to the sleeves, neck and end of the dress, you will find some faux fur attached. Try to stick to darker shades as this can give you a mysterious and elegant look!

Cowl Neck Dresses and Shirts

Now, this is a fun, feminine and flirtatious look that never gets old. Perhaps you heard of the recent sweater lingerie look called “The Virgin Killer?” Well, this is based off the cowl neck jumper. A cowl neck jumper or dress has a large neckpiece that keeps the throat well insulated. It is usually a single colour and has long sleeves. It normally comes in a thick woolly fabric to keep you warm. Basically, you will look like you are wearing a boyfriend sweater without actually having to steal any of his clothes! This is a simple look where all you need to do is wear a pair of warm leggings and boots. The outfit practically speaks for itself and can really flaunt off your figure whilst keeping you extremely warm. It’s perfect for anyone who truly wants to indulge in a warm wintery look. Visit to shop trendy clothes.

Layering Effect

A great way to enhance your natural hourglass shape is to layer. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. Try picking similar coloured skirts and dresses that could look like they were practically a dress together. So, you may choose a velvet pink short dress with long sleeves but then combine it with a long purple dress. On the other hand, you may have a billowy blue dress that’s quite short. But you can combine with a puffy black skirt, some leggings and a belt to cinch in your waist! Your layering should bring out your natural waist, so remember to use layers to show it off rather than just cover it up. You can also combine long-sleeved shirts and a long dress or flowy top.

High Waisted Belt and Jeans

Not really the type that’s into skirts? Well, don’t worry, it’s time for you to dig out your favourite pair of high waisted jeans and combine them with a big chunky belt. The belt will naturally draw attention to your waist, especially if you pair it with a cropped jacket or a long-sleeved shirt that covers your hand. This will leave you to leave you sporting a look that is casual but will still make you look like you are ready for business!

Your body is perfect, don’t hide it away!

The problem with winter is that it makes you want to cover up and hide rather than flaunt what you have. Instead of using winter fashion to show off our best assets, we use it just to wear as many thick layers as possible. It’s time to throw away this attitude and find our best belts and long-sleeved dresses and skirts. Just don’t forget that no matter what size you are, your body is gorgeous. Treat it right and make it look fabulous with a winter style!