The Best Things To Do In Oahu, Hawaii

I love visiting Oahu as often as I get the chance, it is one of those places that combines special people, weather and supreme nature to create a holiday destination like no other. Everyone should visit Oahu (and Hawaii for that matter) at least once in their life, so I thought a little guide to this Pacific paradise was in order. Have fun reading!

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Stay by the beach
There is nothing quite like staying right next to the beach and the amazing feeling of walking out of one of the amazing vacation rentals in Oahu and eating breakfast next to the beach is an experience like no other. Everyone always wants to live next to the beach and in Oahu it is very possible to do this, so find your island paradise and make it your own for your next trip.

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Chinamans Hat
This small island is located near Kualoa Ranch and you can swim here or kayak across the water. This seems totally bizarre when you consider that most islands you need a boat to get to. As a result you get a more authentic experience that you definitely have to earn and you will be well rewarded in the end by amazing views of the Kualoa mountains and the surrounding area.

Experience a double rainbow
It may sound impossible, but believe it or not it is definitely possible. A double rainbow is a rare sight to see and you can see it from a few spots like Tantalus Lookout or on the North Shore. It is never guaranteed, but you will definitely feel lucky when you see one and it is an incredibly beautiful site that you aren’t soon to forget

Take the Stairway to Heaven
This is one of the goals of Oahu and is without a doubt the best views on the island. Although it is technically not allowed, climbing this huge stairway to the summit of a mountain is one of the most amazing sites that you are likely to see and the sights of the lush greenery, the beach and the stunning valleys is truly a once in a lifetime sight. Go at sunrise and you are in for an even better deal, which just adds to the scenery even more.

Relax at Cockroach cove
This beautiful cove has become a very popular tourist attraction and is one of the best spots on the island to chill out. The rock formations, ultra blue water and small caves make this a great place to hang out and explore. Swimming here is particularly nice with calm water that you could endlessly float around in and I love scrambling the beautiful black volcanic rocks.

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Hike Koko Crater Railway Trail
The Koko Head Stairs are one of the most popular hikes in the area, but don’t let its short distance fool you. `this is one of the most grueling hikes that you are ever likely to experience. For most people it can take up to one hour, but you even see people along the way running all the way up the steep incline (not me though!). The views at the top are well worth the little bit of pain you get from getting to the top.

Try some seafood on the North Shore
Oahu has it all in terms of relaxed atmosphere, beaches and surf, but another thing it does have is some great seafood that you absolutely must try. Everything from fresh fish to shrimps are absolutely delicious and it is probably the freshest and tastiest seafood that you are likely to eat.

Hike the Ka’au Crater
This is my favourite hike on Oahu to see some extremely stunning waterfalls. On this hike you can see three waterfalls before you walk up the ridge onto the edge of the crater. The views from here look directly over the green landscape and Honolulu, which is just so beautiful. The best thing about these hikes are that there are so many that offer great views of the island and the Ka’au Crater hike is definitely one of my favourites with its panoramic views of the entire island.

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Go whale watching
Winter is the time to go whale watching and the best place to do this is definitely on the east coast of Oahu. You can see whales from many beaches here, but I personally prefer to get out on a boat in order to get closer to the action. Oahu is really one of the best and most beautiful places to see these stunning creatures frolicking and playing in the crystal blue waters.

Try paddle board yoga
Personally, I love yoga and it is always great fun to relax and try some different positions. It isn’t always easy and in Oahu you can even try it out on a paddle board, which is exactly as difficult as it sounds.

Explore the Mermaid caves
This was once a secret spot for the locals to enjoy, but the word has definitely gotten out about the caves. The amazing thing is that the water flows directly from the ocean into the caves and provides a mysterious and magical place to enjoy. I can only guess that the caves are a place where you could picture mermaids living and got their names from this.

Enjoy some delicious poke
Poke are some of the best food in Oahu and all of Hawaii for that matter. They have extremely fresh and tasty raw tuna (known as Ahi to the locals) and rice. The fish and rice are covered in a delicious spicy sauce and it is akin to a sashimi bowl. This is one of my favourite examples of Hawaiian cuisine and the freshness and tastiness of the ingredients really make the dish