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The Day Before Moving Essential Guide

1 Day to Go!

There is just one day to go until you move into your new home.  So here are some hints and tips to make that move easier.

  • You need to make sure you have gotten ride of any unwanted large items of furniture. These cannot be left in your former home, so using a house clearance company is a much better option, these can take all your unwanted larger items and avoid having a skip on your front garden, which can cause issues when strangers decide to dump their unwanted items in it too.
  • Make sure you have the keys to your new house secure and at hand. Pack a refreshments box for the family and removal men/helpers. All liquids and oils should be secured properly and any items not already packed and boxed need to be. All white goods should be disconnected now (if these goods are hard wired then you may need to hire an electrical to disconnect these from the mains), and the gas, electric and water meters should be read.
  • A Top tip is to take a photo of the readings with your smartphone/camera for future reference. All plumbed items such as washing machines need to be properly disconnected (see below for tips on carrying this out yourself). For larger electrical goods such as TVs, computers, etc., take photos of the back connections to help you install them properly.
  • If you have any doubts about moving larger items in the capital then it’s vital you look for a Removal Company, they can provide the experience you need to transport any large or fragile items without any worry, including things like vehicles or motorbikes. Companies similar to CarsArrive Auto Relocation can help you relocate them to your new home, saving you the worry of having to try and tow or drive them!
  • It is also a good idea to make sure you have a toolkit with you and some old towels or rags at hand just in case you need them during the move.
  • Ensure you take your soft furnishings with you. Curtains are a must for your new home as most people take these with them when they move.
  • Triple check with the removals company that they are coming in the morning, and keep the kettle handy for a last minute cup of tea on the day of the move. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment during your house move!
  • Make sure you notify the neighbours in the new area that you are moving into your new home tomorrow and apologise for any noise or road blocking that may occur. This is also the best time to find out if there is sufficient parking and road access for that day (i.e. no road closures are planned) and ensure you have the route confirmed.
  • Finally, ensure the children are looked after for the move, then get as good a night’s sleep as possible!



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