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The final Summer sales; What to choose?

The Summer sales signs are everywhere, designed to enticing and seducing us with some amazing bargains. Sales are great and you can pick up some real bargains, but, if like me you’ve recently been on holiday and money is tight, you may need to have a sort out to sell some unwanted stuff before you start buying even more.

And this is definitely worthwhile, as when the sales are almost over, the savings get bigger. We are now coming to the end of the summer sales and the Autumn collections are now hitting the stores.  But there are still some bargains to be had, and if you follow a few simple hints and tips you may find yourself a real bargain.

1. Look for sale items that are out of season. I often buy knitwear sales, knowing I will get far more wear out of this than swimsuits. Many companies bring out last season items, to pad the sale out; hence you can pick up jackets, jumpers and cardigans even in summer.

Colour Block Cotton Rich Cardigan
Gold Thread and Sequin Open Front Cardigan

2. Avoid anything that is obviously ‘fashion’. Many sales are selling those horrible Harem trousers that look like rejects from MC Hammer’s wardrobe – but listen to his advice and ‘Don’t touch this’. Fashion mistakes from this season can never be an investment buy and are best avoided.

3. Look out for items marked as special purchase.

One example of this is Debenhams, who are selling many beauty sets and fragrances at 50% off. These can be stored away as birthday and Christmas gifts for loved ones.

‘Glow’ -ho-ho Gift Set
Moschino Pink Bouquet 50ml Eau de Toilette Gift

4. Think ahead. I look for toys and electrical gods that can be kept until Christmas. I always used to buy beach bags, kaftans, sandals and sundresses as Christmas presents for my mother-in-law.

She spent every Christmas somewhere hot and really appreciated things she couldn’t buy in the middle of a British winter.

Evans Pink Diamante Flower Wedges

5. Stick to classics. Leather handbags, simple flip-flops, plain t-shirts and maxi dresses seem to always be in style, so you will use them again and again. For men, look for plain coloured polo tops that can be worn under jumpers when the weather turns cooler, and thin knits that can be layered in autumn, are good buys.

6. Ask yourself – Am I buying this because I love it, or am I buying this because it’s cheap? Be honest with yourself – you will thank yourself later.

If all else fails, set a budget, shop with just cash and leave the credit cards at home. Look around first, until you decide what you really want. Then you might actually enjoy your purchases when you get home.


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