The Flower Effect

I have fallen more than a little in love with a sweet film I first saw on You Tube. ‘The Flower Effect’ has been produced by an initiative of The Flower Council of Holland, , and is designed to show that flowers can bring happiness and joy to even the most miserable of  days.

It features a beautiful young girl called Sophie, who finds a beautiful bouquet left beside her on a park bench. She thinks the flowers may be from Paul,  the man she loves. Unfortunately, this proves to not be the case and a forlorn Sophie is left to walk the streets with her flowers. However, the kindness of strangers (not actors, but real people) shows that all is never lost.

It’s a gorgeous film, and as a real lover of fresh flowers, I can only agree that the gift of blooms can truly brighten even the dullest, most miserable of days. There is just something about flowers, the freshness, the colour and the scent that makes them a gift like no other. They don’t have to be expensive – I love Spring Daffodils which you can get for a £1 a bunch in season – but they are still a gift to touch the heart, especially when presented by a gorgeous man…or a gorgeous little boy.


Fresh flowers are always a special gift.








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