The Gucci Dress everyone wants to wear.

This season there has been one dress that everyone has wanted to wear. From the fabulous Florence Welch, to Zoe Saldana, and by way of Evan Rachel Wood and Camilla Belle, this dress has graced a host of show-business parties, sometimes at exactly the same time. I am of course talking about the Gucci, Boardwalk Empire inspired flapper dress, with its striking Art Deco style gold and black colouring, and with its shimmering fringing that just evokes images of girls with Marcel Waved hair, Mary Jane shoes and bathtub and bottle parties. This is the sort of dress that made the 1920s roar, and I absolutely love it.

The High Street has been quick to jump onto the speakeasy bandwagon, filling their rails with a whole host of shimmering dresses just made for dancing the Charleston.

This style isn’t for everyone, it suits the straight up and down type – the boyish figure, rather than those with curves in abundance (which unfortunately counts me out). But that can’t stop me appreciating the sheer glamour of the this dip into the fashion archives, this nostalgic style throwback to the beginnings of Chanel. I am so excited by the thought of who else will rock this look.

Get the Flapper style for less

Wallis 1923 Coral 1923 Tassel Dress £85.00

Nude Embellished Vest Dress £70.00

Oasis Jazz Age Shift Dress £90 


Feather embellished shift dress £90

Chevron sequin dress £65 


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