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A perfect Christmas present for those who love fairy stories and the wonderful world of make believe launched in this UK this Autumn. The Irish Fairy Door Company allows little boys and girls to invite a fairy to become part of their family and live in their homes. For those who believe that the internet age means less use of imaginative play – this may actually provide an answer that imagination and the internet can work together to produce fun, imaginative scenarios.

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The Irish Fairy Door is a little, handmade wooden door that you put in a special place for your child. Outside it you place some stepping stones and a small, silver key. This is left overnight, if it has disappeared in the morning, this means that a fairy has moved into your home.  You can then choose a name for your fairy, register this, either by email or online and unlock a world of imagination from Fairy Valley.

The fairy doors are all handmade in Ireland from wood, and come in a range of colours, shapes and designs. They can be used on walls, skirting boards, in classrooms, on outside walls, on tree trunks, quite literally anywhere, and are suitable for both girls and boys. There are also add on’s if you want to extend your fairy space, with washing lines of fairy clothing (male and female) and a fairy doormat to create a scene that shows your fairy has truly moved in.


The Irish Fairy Door Company £19.97 Click to visit Amazon


Irish Fairy Door Welcome Mat £4.59 Click to visit Amazon

Irish Fairy Door Welcome Mat £4.59 Click to visit Amazon

Irish Fairy Door Picket Fence White Decal Pack £9.99 click to visit Amazon

Irish Fairy Door Picket Fence White Decal Pack £9.99 click to visit Amazon


I love the idea of this as a wonderful present for a child. The interactive element of the fairy door means that your child will enter a magical world, with stories and ideas for games delivered straight from the Fairy Valley. But, of course, your child will be able to make up their own stories, draw pictures of what they think their fairy looks like, and maybe design the inside of their fairies home – that is the real beauty of the Fairy Door – there are just so many possibilities of how this will stimulate ideas and imagination.



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5 thoughts on “The Irish Fairy Door Company

  1. What a lovely idea! When my God daughter was little I bought her a china fairy – her mum and I would take it outside each night and bring it back in with just a little soil or grass on it – and then tell her that it was because the fairy had been flying at night!

  2. I’ve seen these at a few Christmas fairs now, so cute aren’t they?! If I had a little niece or nephew I’d totally get them one for Christmas 🙂

  3. omg that is the cuteness thing ever, I have a little boy but I will share this on my face book my friends with girls will love it. k x

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