The National Trust launches ‘Nature Misses you’

There are still three weeks left of the Summer holidays for most of us, and if now is the time when ideas to keep the kids occupied are starting to run dry, then it is the perfect opportunity to take a look at the ideas that the National Trust has for getting children outside and enjoying the fresh air, the environment and nature.

The National Trust has, this summer, launched a new initiative called ‘Nature Misses you’. They have researched the activities that different generations partake in, for leisure and family time, and the research has shown, that with each passing generation, we are spending less time outdoors. The National trust feels that the activity ideas they put together as part of the ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ could help to address some of these issues, by getting families to do fun things together in the great outdoors. (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find the full list of activities here.)

Nature misses you sign - Wasdale

I think spending time outdoors is absolutely essential for health and wellbeing, and that it also is a whole lot of fun. As a family, we have been crossing things off the list that we have already done, and with an upcoming weeks holiday in Wales, we have highlighted more of the activities that we are going to try.

Here are some things that we have already crossed off.

Roll down a really big hill. (Number 2 on the list)

sunny days 008

Build a den (Number 4 on the list)

forestry commision 062Great fun at the Forestry commission in Cannock Chase – there have partly built dens that you can add to – Joe loved this.

Run around in the rain (number 6 on the list)

084This is a much younger Joe having fun in puddles. Rain should never be a reason for staying indoors!

Play in the Snow (Number 15 in the list)


Create some wild art (Number 18 in the list)

10439470_623864107711694_7057920189297689307_nWe made these fishes with sticks from our garden and then attached them to the fence. We made them outside too, which was fun – although there was glue all over the paving slabs…

Jump over Waves (Number 20 on the list)


Pick fruit that is growing in the wild (Number 21 on the list)

DSCN8432We cheated a little with this one, as we visited a local fruit farm. Still a whole lot of fun though, and the strawberries were amazing.

Catch a fish with a net and find some frogspawn (Number 8 and 32 on the list)


Discover what’s in a pond. (Number 35 on the list)


Go swimming in the sea (Number 42 on the list)


Learn to ride a horse (Number 48 on the list)

DSCN2618Not quite there yet, but Joe loves horses so this is definitely a plan for the future.

These are just some of the activities we have done so far, we have also played pooh sticks and skimmed stones (Nu. 19 and 5 respectively) and made daisy chains and trails. Next up is to check out a cave, and to hunt for bugs. There is literally so much to do on the list.

You can find out more on the new App, it’s available on iOS and Android.

Don’t forget to get involved with the conversation on Twitter and Instagram too, use the hash tag #50things and #NatureMissesYou.

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  1. Great post! It’s definitely important to get out and about outdoors in the summer! Staying cooped up inside is the worst thing to do! x

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