The World’s Best Shopping Destinations

Shopping is probably one of the most popular past times for women. We all love to shop, why not go on a shopping destined holiday? The following article lists some of the world’s best destinations to go shopping. From women’s tops to designer one offs, they have everything to offer. Your problem will be to choose one.


Dubai is all about glamour in the excess. Dubai has the world’s largest mall in area, no wonder it’s one of the best shopping destinations. It has theme parks, a waterfall, fountains, ice skating rink, indoor marketplace and malls inside malls. It has the first Bloomingdales outside of America.

Hong Kong

The service in Hong Kong is raved about; you will never have trouble finding assistance. They are almost most obsessive in wanting to help you. You’ll find value for money in Hong Kong, this is the reason it is rated one of the best places to shop in the world.


Paris sells lifestyles, not clothes. You’ll find the best quality in Paris. So many designers goods in one place, a fashionistas dream come true. Boutiques are the way to go for a unique experience, a high class experience.


The prices can be high but they are worth it. There is the availability of local and international brands in one place, that’s why London has received a place on the list. London shopping at its best is bold, eclectic and international.


There really should be no surprises here. Once you walk into a department store you will treated like a celebrity or even royalty. Tokyo’s shopping is also surprisingly affordable. You get high quality service at a bargain price.

New York

New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Be Blair Waldorf for a day, a dream come true. New York is about diversity, you are sure to fall in love with something or everything. Simple walk around and make beautiful discoveries, this is a great way to have an adventure. If you have the stamina to get up at ungodly hours for the city’s sample sale stampedes.

Shopping is a great way to spend your holiday but don’t forget to check out some tourist destinations. You’ll regret it if you don’t make the time to experience the sights. You’ll also want to give your wallet a few rest days, don’t go too crazy. Set a budget a stick to it. It’s all about being realistic about what you can afford. Get the most out your holiday. Shop till you drop and then shop some more!

Amy loves nothing more than shopping and travelling and decided to combine her love of the two in this blog post.

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