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Thinking of selling your home? It’s time for a Spring Clean.

Spring has most definitely sprung. Yesterday was another gloriously sunny day, a day for spending some time in the park or garden, finding a beer garden on the way home from work, and starting that Spring Clean. Yes, when the weather turns good again after the winter chill thoughts always seem to turn to cleaning. I’m not sure why, but think it has something to do with the fact we can actually peg things on the line, curtains, bedding, towels etc, and everything smells so fresh. I also think that this is linked to the fact that Spring is notoriously the best, and most popular time of year to sell your home.

Spring is a great time to showcase your home if you are planning to sell. Everything looks better in the sunshine, and the fact that your gardens – front and back, will also be in bloom just adds to the attractiveness of your home. Online valuations are now something that you can get quite easily from companies like Andrews Online, and this can then be followed up with a more indepth valuation. But to showcase your home in its best light, you need to get spring cleaning.

Ultimately a home needs to look homely, but also needs to serve as a blank canvas so people can put their own stamp on it. Looking too lived in can often mean people can’t imagine themselves living there and that can prevent potential buyers from putting an offer in. This means that you need to reduce the clutter and mess – put toys away, reduce ornaments and very personal possessions, and dress the room.

If you are getting a valuation it stands to reason that your house should be spotlessly clean. We are all guilty of having a bit of dust now and then, especially if you have children who only have to stand next to something for it to be dirty, but now is the time for a deep clean, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. It may even be a good investment to get a professional cleaning company in for this. Don’t forget things like gutters, windows and the front of your home – first impressions count.


You can change the look of a room with a few accessories – new scatter cushions, a rug to spruce up a floor, scented candles that not only look good but can also make the home smell divine too. If you are selling you don’t want to be spending a fortune on large household jobs, but a few cosmetic touches, which can then be taken to your new home, could be a real worthwhile investment.

Are you thinking of selling your home this Spring?


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