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Wedding Dress Shopping: Knowing What’s Important and What’s Not for Your Special Trip Down the Aisle

So, you accepted the proposal, and now you’re thinking about your wedding day. What sort of flowers will surround you, what will the music be like, and which guests shall you and your partner invite? More importantly, what will you wear to your once-in-a-lifetime event? Before you lose your mind to excitement, learn what’s important (and what’s not) when selecting your perfect wedding dress.


Put your priorities in place

Before you spend a penny on your trip down the aisle, determine precisely how much you can spend. Then choose what you will spend it on. Planning a wedding without knowing your budget is not unlike heading out on a road journey with no gas gauge in your vehicle, says Martha Stewart magazine. Once you know your budget, consider which components of your nuptials is most crucial to your happiness. Do you want to recite short vows and get on with the reception party? Do you want to fly only your best friends to a secret beach and spend zero money on wedding shoes?

Be realistic when it comes to setting the top price you can pay for your wedding dress. Don’t forget to factor in shoes, lingerie, a veil and other essentials. Bear in mind that your dress can be slightly used and still shine as if it just arrived from a designer rack.

Be sure to give yourself ample time to find the dress of your dreams. Experts say to allow six to eight months to choose an ideal wedding dress. Shop often, though, especially when browsing resale shops. Inventory changes often, and you don’t want to miss a great deal on your perfect wedding dress.


Spend a bit more here, scrimp on something there

Think about this. The more you spend on your wedding dress, the less you can spend on roses, caterers and the like. Brides on a budget appreciate the ease with which they can find a splendid selection of gently used weddings dresses on the POWD website. Weddings are wonderful events, but they are no excuse for spending an outrageous sum for a luscious dress you might wear only once.


Sticking with tradition is not required

If you think white is trite, you might be right, say wedding writers at Huffington Post. If you’re not the sort of girl who feels wonderful whilst wearing taffeta and pearls, you might want to go with something that is more suitable to your personality than a typical, virginal white wedding dress. If it suits you, wear something blue. Turn your groom’s head when you wear something red. And so on. There are no set rules when it comes to what you wear at your wedding. Individual venues may have rules, however, so be sure to check them out before you reserve a chapel.

When you purchase a scrumptious wedding dress for a fraction of the price of brand-new, you can spend more money on caterers and musical entertainment. Buy a bargain gown and dance all night.

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