Handmade Charms from House of Wonderland

One of my passions when it comes to jewellery are charm bracelets. I think this comes from both my mom and nan, who I can distinctly remember wearing heavy silver varieties when I was a child. I loved to examine all the charms in detail, and remember that my faves were a silver churn that opened, and a crown that had a purple amethyst stone in the centre. As an adult I am still a fan, and have both a Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland themed bracelet, as well as a charity one designed for Wallis many years ago, and a Pandora bracelet. But my favourite is probably my Bombay Duck version which is full of enamel charms, and now has a lovely new addition.

House of Wonderland is a wonderfully quirky online store which deals with gift ideas that are sure to delight anyone. Based in the border town of Berwick on Tweed, what really attracts me to House of Wonderland is there gorgeous concept of a charm of the month. These are enamel pieces that can be added to a chain, a zipper, onto a key fob, or even worn on a pet collar, but of course, for me, the charm is perfect to add to my charm bracelet. March’s charm was a super cute sleeping cat, perfect for someone like me who could quite literally sleep on a clothes line.

Sleepy Cat Enamel Clip On Charm (CHARM ONLY) £6 Click to visit House of Wonderland

The charms are all designed in the House of Wonderland studio, and then hand crafted . The lobster closure is easy to open, but is also secure enough that you will not worry about losing your charm – so to speak. The charm is a decent size of one inch, more than enough to make a statement, and has the House of Wonderland stamp on the back. Priced at just £6, this is a lovely gift idea, well worth checking back every month to see the latest addition.

These charms are very easy to add to any existing charm bracelet you may have, with this particular charm being a lovely gift for a cat lover or someone who just loves to sleep. The enamel is pretty and shiny, and the charm is just a really fun piece.

You can visit the House of Wonderland online store by clicking here.


24 thoughts on “Handmade Charms from House of Wonderland

  1. I used to love charm bracelets when I was younger and that kitty charm from house of wonderland has got my name on it. Especially since I love cats x

  2. I think charm bracelets are just lovely and they have really regained popularity in the last few years. House of Wonderland looks like a fab site to pick up some fun charms.

  3. I’ve never had a charm bracelet but I do love charms (as my keyring is a testimony to) so I will definitely be having a look on the website

    Emmie xo

  4. Oh my gosh! How cute are those charms? I know several people in my family who would love these. Off to check the website out now! Thank you for the recommendation x

  5. That cat charm looks exactly like my cat, I might have to go purchase one! What cute charms!

  6. How cute are these! My niece loves charm bracelets, so she would love something like this.

  7. I haven’t had a charm bracelet in years but these are incredibly cute! Alice in wonderland is my favourite!

  8. Their charms are so cute, I also have an unhealthy obsession with tote bags and they have some really great designs of those too. Lovely brand

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