Tips & Tricks: Doing Laundry While Traveling

Traveling is mostly fun and adventurous, however, in order to have an amazing experience, it’s important to be prepared and ready. That means researching your destination, getting all the right travel documents, and of course, packing everything you may need throughout the trip. But, if you plan to stay for a bit longer, then you should also be prepared to do laundry while traveling. Therefore, if you haven’t done it before, here are some amazing tips and tricks that will help you do laundry while traveling.

Be careful when packing clothes 

If you’re planning to stay for two weeks or more, then it’s essential to pack the right clothes, that are easy to wash and keep in good condition. Therefore, try to stay away from packing clothes that are made of sensitive fabrics and can be damaged easily. Instead, opt for garments made of durable materials that don’t require extensive care and upkeep. 

Book a hotel with laundry services

In case you’re opting to stay in a hotel, then it’s important to check whether they have a laundry service before you make a reservation. However, hotel laundry can be pricey, so be sure to know the rates before you decide to do your laundry in a hotel you’re staying in. This is a convenient option, but since it can be costly, it’s advisable to find a more cost-effective solution, especially if you’re staying for a longer period. 

Don’t be afraid of handwashing 

In case your hotel doesn’t offer laundry service, then feel free to wash some of your clothes in the hotel sink. Handwashing is often a great option, especially for smaller and sensitive garments such as underwear, socks or swimwear. You can handwash your clothes by filling the sink, adding a laundry detergent, and then hanging your clothes to dry over the bathtub or the balcony fence. You can find lots of hints and tips for removing stubborn stains on this page.

Find local laundry services 

Local laundry services are a great way to keep your clothes clean and fresh while traveling. They’re usually easy to spot, and convenient, which is why that should be your first choice if nothing else is available. If you’re planning to travel across Mid-Atlantic and Northwestern USA, then finding dry cleaners in Edgewater NJ will definitely be the right decision if you want your clothes well-washed and taken care of. Therefore, be sure to check all the available laundry services at your destination before you hit the road. 

Book accommodation that has a laundry option

Sure, staying in a hotel is amazing, but so is booking private accommodation. The second option allows for more privacy and freedom, so if you’re aiming to stay in a private apartment or a house, then it’s important to make sure that there is a laundry option available. That can include washing and drying machines inside the apartment, or in the basement. That way, you can have a great time without worrying about washing your clothes. 

Travel by camper van or RV

This traveling option is convenient as it allows you complete control over your itinerary. Simply, when you travel by camper van, you’re the one who decides where to shop, eat and stay for longer. Also, when you travel by RV or a camper van, you can easily handwash your clothes, or stop by the nearest laundromat or dry cleaner. Besides, nowadays, it’s possible to find mini removable washing units: these portable devices are a great solution if you’re traveling in a camper van, as they allow you to wash your clothes whenever you please. 


These tips will help you do your laundry in an efficient and convenient manner whenever you’re traveling. However, before you take your trip, be sure to research all the available options such as laundromats and hotels with laundry service. That way you’ll know what to expect, and you’ll be better prepared for the duration of your trip. 


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