Top Reasons Your Next Trip Should Be a Solo One

It’s vacation season and while most families decide to take an old-fashioned road trip, go camping, hit the beach, or go to their favourite amusement parks for a week-long getaway, perhaps this year you should fly solo. It may seem selfish to make plans to get away from your brood, but if you’re honest with yourself – you deserve it.

You do so much for everyone. You’re the chef, housekeeper, nurse, referee, cheerleader, driver, counsellor, playmate, problem-solver, and so much more. As great as it is to be all those things for your children, giving so much of yourself all the time will lead to burnout. That’s why planning a nice solo trip is indeed in order.

Still not convinced you should be travelling on your own? Here are the top reasons you should:

Gives You a Break

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for mothers to take breaks. Your kids might believe you to be a supermom, but you’re only human. Trying to manage the lives of your entire family is rewarding, but also draining. A solo trip, however, is a welcoming way to take a break. There’s no spouse or children along with you to concern yourself with. You’ve left them in good hands and can simply breathe.

True Relaxation

You might try relaxation techniques at home or during the little downtime that you get, but, somehow it’s always interrupted by the kids. Reading a book in a quiet nook can quickly be ruined with kids running around the house. A soothing bath is interrupted at the sound of your name being belted out over and over again. It’s just not that easy to relax.

Solo travel gives you time for true relaxation. You can sit in your luxury hotel room and read an entire chapter book with no distractions. You can head to a spa with Earthlite massage supplies and get a soothing massage or rejuvenating facial. Or, you could take a stroll along the shoreline and be calmed by the sound of the gentle waves.

Time to Focus on You

How often do you get to focus on yourself? Not just the five-minute meditation session or the hour yoga class during your lunch break, but actual time to focus on your thoughts, interests, passions, needs, and wants? Chances are it’s been a while.

When you plan a trip alone, you give yourself an opportunity to focus solely on you. You can be at one with your own thoughts, explore activities you’re interested in, try a cuisine that you find delicious, and simply find yourself all over again.

Beneficial for Your Family

The kids may frown and your husband may seem freaked out by the idea of mom going away on her own for a little while, but it’s ideal for the home family. Moms are often stressed, fatigued, anxious, overwhelmed and overworked. The longer they operate this way the harder it is on the entire family.

When mom gets this time to travel outside of her comfort zone without a care in the world, she’s able to recharge. It strengthens her physical and mental well-being. When you return from your solo trip, you’ll be so refreshed, happy, and complete that you’ll be ready to jump right back into your responsibilities of being a great mother and partner.

Women are so super – especially those of us who are moms. Yet even the most awesome, skilled, and powerful people need to take a break. While finding a few minutes here and there to have to yourself can work to keep stress at bay, sometimes you just need a bit more. So, don’t be afraid to make your next trip a solo one. Not only do you get that much-needed break, but you get to relax, find yourself, and come back to your loved ones better than ever before. If that’s not reason enough to plan a solo trip, who knows what is.

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