Top Tips For Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health

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A child’s mental health is just as important as anyone else’s. Given that mental illnesses are generally invisible to the eye, it can be easy for it to slip your mind when it comes to your child’s overall wellbeing. Keeping their mental health at a steady place will be beneficial for them in many ways, one of the main ones being preventing major illnesses taking being developed. Here are some top tips from an independent school in Richmond on supporting your child’s mental health.

  1. Show your child how much you love them. Sometimes a little assurance goes a long way. Tell them regularly how much they mean to you and take time out to make them feel loved by spending quality time together.
  2. Create a home environment where they feel safe. Home is where the heart lies, so do your best to ensure there is no stress rooting from there. Accept them as they are and don’t make them feel pressured into changing. 
  3. Take interest in their interests. Sometimes children isolate themselves because they feel as though they cannot relate to anyone else. The small efforts of understanding what they like so they feel heard will make the biggest difference.
  4. Recognise their strengths and achievements and be vocal about it. The small acknowledgments will help your child become more confident which is something many with poor mental health lack. 
  5. Create a space where feelings and emotions are allowed. Ensure it’s a non-judgemental place that your child can go to whenever they need to. This support system will help immensely with supporting their mental health.
  6. Model taking care of mental health. Explain to them why it is important and how to do it themselves too. Find healthy ways of dealing with certain emotions and do it together.

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