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Travel Wish List For 2023

As a person who is a total Winter-phobe at the best of times, I find myself spending a lot of January and February Summer dreaming. Once Christmas is done and a distant memory (even through it’s not even been a week since we went back to work and school) I find that my mind turns to brighter and warmer days, that my heart is no longer trying to keep warm as I work on the sofa, but is, instead, lying on a beach somewhere, dreaming of a meal of fresh shrimps and a Mojito. I’m guessing I’m not the only one guilty of doing this. have been asking people which destinations are on their bucket or wish list for 2023. These can be long haul, dream destinations – money is no object holidays. But they can also be places you would just love to visit with your partner or your family. I have been thinking about where I would love to visit in 2023 and have come up with three destinations that I think would be perfect.


I last visited Malaysia in 1999, which I was shocked to realise is now almost 20 years ago. One of the places I visited, albeit briefly, was Penang, and it is safe to say it made a really great and lasting impression on me. It was a taste of the authentic Malaysia, full of intoxicating scents and smells, rides in rickshaws to take in all the views. We went to see an enormous reclining Buddha, which was just the most incredible sight, and were taken to feed monkeys (which was probably a bit irresponsible, but was still something I will never forget.) Penang was a stunning experience and I didn’t spend nearly enough time there. If I could visit again, possibly as part of a two centre stay with Kuala Lumpar, I would love to get to know it better.

Safari Holidays

For many people, the number one idea for a dream holiday of a lifetime is a safari. Tanzania and Zanzibar are fabulous choices when it comes to tailor made safaris in dream surroundings, with the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya and Kruger National Park, South Africa also totally up there when it comes to your bucket list.

A safari is the best opportunity to be at one with nature, and to see the Big 5 of the animal world in their natural habitat. You will certainly see sights and make memories you will never forget. Find your perfect Safari Holiday by contacting Nelson Travel.

Kuala Lumpar

Kuala Lumpar is another Malaysian city, this time the capital, that I visited in 1999 and would love to go back to. It is very different from Penang in that it is almost futuristic in it’s style and architecture, with the towering Petronas Towers and the KL towers literally towering above the city. I loved the shopping experience which ranged from fabulous designer pieces to equally fabulous locally produced products like batik prints and handmade suits and dresses.

The one thing I clearly remember about Kuala Lumpar is that you had to be very careful when trying to cross the road, there were carefully built subways in the sky that you needed to use rather than actually crossing. KL is fantastic and fabulous, and I really would love to go back there.


Majorca is another favourite destination, somewhere I have visited on numerous occasions, but I have never taken Joe there. We were looking through old photographs of previous holidays to Majorca, and Joe was really taken with it and said he would love to visit, and I suddenly thought – why not? A short UK flight, hot sunny days, and everything from water parks and perfect sandy beaches, to lots of culture and shopping, particularly in the capital Palma, Majorca is looking like a place I need to revisit.

Where are you planning to go in 2019?

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